Repeated nausea a few hours after Huel for breakfast 😔 🤢 - advice needed on how to proceed

I’m 9 days in (have been having 3 scoops with ~600ml water + ice for breakfast every day, and normal food for lunch & dinner).

Seems fine when I actually drink it but a few hours later I feel a strange, uncomfortable nausea-like sensation that I’ve never had before, that sometimes lasts the rest of the day. Also get a bit phlegm-y but not drastic. The sensation is pretty uncomfortable though.

I’ve noticed:

  • Softer stools
  • No real change in energy level, which surprised me slightly as I was not getting enough protein (maybe 15g a day, whoops) before starting on the Huel, and when I realised that I got Huel (and started eating more of my normal protein sources - hopefully that hasn’t confounded it too much)

I’ve tried:

  • drinking it slower (had it over 45 minutes with plenty of water this morning, as usual felt fine but developed the nausea later)
  • having more & less water

Initially I found the taste (vanilla) a bit weird, but I’ve got over that. Now I like the taste and texture of Huel. However, the discomfort that comes later is a deal breaker for me if it continues.

I really want to stay on Huel because it definitely saves a lot of time and helps me get enough protein (I’m vegetarian) and other nutrients.

However having looked at the other threads about nausea on here, I haven’t really been able to figure out what’s going on.

Seems like some possible explanations - correct me if I’m wrong - are:

  • gut microbiome hasn’t adjusted yet (not sure if this would explain the phlegmy feeling in throat)
  • oat allergy (never had a problem with this in the past, but not beyond the realm of possibility)
  • non-coeliac gluten sensitivity
  • some problem with processing the extra protein

Can anyone, especially someone from the Huel team who is a dietitian, give me any advice on how to find the cause? Or suggest other causes? (@JamesCollier ?)

What I’ll try in the short term is to reduce my Huel consumption to 2 scoops, 1 scoop etc. and see if I can find my “limit”, but it just seems like a shame. I got Huel with the intention of building up to having it for breakfast and lunch every day but at this rate I won’t be able to.


Having finally decided to purchase my first packs of huel, with the same intention of consuming huel as a fast breakfast before heading to work. I’ve come across the same strange sickness feeling that seems to persist throughout the day as you’ve mentioned.

I’m currently on day four of having the recommended huel of three scoops with around 500-600 ml of water and ice. As you’ve said I feel fine when consuming it and even for a while after but I seem to have this strange slight sick/nauseous feeling that persists throughout the day.

I also had the intention of switching my dinner over to huel aswell but as you’ve said I’m going to struggle with that change to.

Now I’m not sure what’s causing it but it’s really putting me off carrying on with huel and am going to take two days off and report back.

Maybe someone else is able to shine some light on what may be causing it.

Sorry to hear you’re having the same issue @Leightox . Thanks for sharing - boosts the odds of getting an actionable response, and always good to collect more information around the problem anyway as we may be able to solve it ourselves.

Just brainstorming here - have you got any food allergies? I have birch pollen allergy and grass pollen allergy, which have led to me getting a mildly itchy mouth when I eat raw apples, raw hazelnuts etc. so I’m wondering if there could be a similar issue here - some protein in the oats or peas that is not “cooked” enough for my body to handle, but that goes down fine.

Also one of my friends is on the same “Huel for breakfast” diet with no issues, so I’m going to get him to try some from my batch and see if the problem is me or the Huel!

Have you tried U&U Huel, in between spamming every nausea related thread on the forum?

I’ll try some unflavoured and unsweetened Huel, thanks. Sorry for the annoyance caused by my posts to the nausea threads - I felt that the outcome of this could be quite useful for the other members of the threads.

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Hi - sorry to hear you’ve been having issues with Huel.

I can’t see any obvious reason for this. Have you ever exepreinced anyhting like this before.

Do you consume anythign else when you have your Huel - another drink, perhaps?

I think the 1 scoop experiment may be an idea for now - try that for 2 days and report back.

Thanks for the prompt reply @JamesCollier!

I have never had this feeling before, and only get nausea when I eat raw hazelnuts. Even then, it’s not quite the same. However still feel like it could be a kind of allergic reaction. I rarely have sweeteners so it could be that - the suggestion of U&U Huel might be good. I did notice when I first tasted Huel that the aftertaste seemed to be stronger for me than it was for my friend, so maybe I’m more sensitive to sucralose.

Also: doesn’t seem to be a problem with the batch of Huel as my friend had it this morning and has not had the same issue as me.

Unfortunately I’m about to go on holiday and won’t be taking Huel with me, but I’ll try reintroducing it starting from 1 scoop per day to see how far I can get.

Thanks again.

Ok, starting a afresh after a holiday may be a good idea. Have a good time,
and please update us when you’re back :slight_smile:

@farhanmannan @Leightox

Have you two found any solutions or explainations? I’ve felt similar on a number of occasions, usually when I have to get a cab to work, so I’m sure that has a part to play, however coming home hours after huel I can ride a cab fine without feeling sick.

Any solutions?

I believe the problem is either protein or sweetener. I tried having 1 scoop of Huel and this didn’t happen.

Then I tried to increase the amount of protein in my diet using solid food sources and whey protein shakes (which have sweetener), without much of a calorie change. (It was a fairly normal macro split suggested by MyFitnessPal). The change led to a similar feeling of dull nausea within a day of my new diet.

I’m leaning towards the issue being protein, because I didn’t have that many shakes during this period.

I’ve been feeling the same, I think I’m not handling the sweetener that they use very well. I’m gonna buy the unsweetened one and see how that goes. I still have 4 bags of heul to finish at the moment though :frowning:


How did it turn out for you? Did the UU work?
I’ve been taking only 1scoop and it still makes me nauseous. In my case I don’t think is protein because I can have 40mg of pea protein in a smoothie and I don’t have any issues.
I do have an intolerance to flaxseeds but even if I eat pure flaxseeds it doesn’t give me nausea.
It might be either the type of bacteria or maybe the sweetener or flavouring.
I’d love to know what did you do to fix it.
I have a full batch and I don’t think I’ll be ordering if I’ll feel sick after having it.
I did notice that if I have something salty…homemade food the nausea goes away.

I was just thinking that it may be the green tea or caffeine. I’m not sure which flavour you had, but I got black edition that has green tea and I also got black edition coffee caramel.
Usually green tea in an empty stomach makes me nauseous, light headed and overall funny. So I’m thinking that it may be because of it. Coffee in an empty stomach also makes me nauseous.
I’ll have to try something without green tea or coffee. But not everyone gets nausea from caffeine.

I had nausia and diarrhea and had to go to the hospital because i vomited like 8 times. I was not a fan of the taste(no i dint have allergies). I had to leave work and go to mt.sinai hospital. I was gine the next day, but i am afraid to use the product again.

Hey, this certainly isn’t what we like to hear, I’m sorry to hear of your experience.

I’d like to make sure we assist you in the best way possible, please can you email, with your order number and reference my name in the subject line? That way I can find your email and get back to you with a solution asap!

Maybe the high fiber content or gluten - which product did you use exactly?

Perhaps it was salomon-ella.