Huel and Nausea?

Hi there,

I’ve had Huel for about a week now mostly for breakfast and lunch. I have about 2 and a half scoops in some water with instant coffee and that makes it taste awesome (well… better).
It does all the things it says in terms of helping me become full but the one thing that is a little irritating is the nausea.
It starts usually about 3 or 4 hours after having it. Is this normal? Am I doing something incorrectly?

Have you had the same thing?



day 3 and first full Huel day (3 x 100g so far today), nothing else to eat.

Nothing added but water, no nausea to report.

A little fuzzy/light headed yesterday but spot on today.

Try with something different to instant coffee maybe, a measure of flavoured protein powder if you have some perhaps?

There is plenty of protein already in Huel. Why recommend that out of the many options available?

@NanaC05 if you use the unflavoured/unsweetened version, why not try giving the official flavourings a go? Nausea is never normal in my opinion. If it keeps happening and you are sure that it only happens when you drink Huel, I would recommend either stopping drinking it or reducing the amount you have to see if that makes a difference.

Yeah, nausea is not normal. I’ve been on around 70-100% Huel or Joylent for a year and never had such issues.

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I didn’t recommend anything, I offered an alternative to coffee as a ‘perhaps’ as it could be a mix of detox and increased caffeine creating the nausea…

I have no idea if the poster has a nut allergy so did not suggest nut based milk instead of water.

I am aware of syrups, fruit adds etc. but don’t know the sugar requirements of the poster.

I kinda went with a safer bet and yes I am aware that people can be allergic to whey protein and that is more down to milk protein isolate issues (from what I’ve read) but, personally, I think it better to have more protein.

I couldn’t recommend the official flavourings as I have not tried them, but then again I’m unlikely to as they contain Stevia which is not to my taste.

Each to their own.

Just out of a point of interest, why are you against Stevia? The taste?

Yeah mostly, I feel like I have to use way more than I should of it to taste it. :worried:

It could be, the first time I mixed my Huel I used the same amount but no coffee and I didn’t feel any nausea but I really dont like the texture so it made me gag a little.
I dont know if this is relevant but when I was really little I threw up porridge a lot?

Yeah just can’t get away with it - tried and tried but no good for me.

Yeah that’s the problem with it. Just not that nice compared to other sweeteners.

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What are you like after another oat based product like flapjack? If you’re ok maybe try cutting back the coffee and trying another way to make it palatable to your taste? You shouldn’t be feeling sick after use.

I’ve been trying in it on an off, I think I could possibly be mildly allergic to oats. Im not 100% sure though. Ive been using huel a lot more often with different amounts of water and it seems to work better with more.

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NanaC05, did these problems ever resolve?

I am about a week into using Huel as a partial meal replacement, mostly for breakfast and lunch, and have been noticing a similar problem with mild nausea at times. It is a shame because one of the reasons I decided to try Huel was the hope of resolving some persistent digestive problems I have had recently, and in that respect it really is like night and day. However the nausea is a little worrying, as someone else said, nausea is never good.

I am using the Vanilla flavoured Huel which I think (and hope) could be the source of the problem as the Vanilla flavouring quickly gets a little sickly and unpleasant, in my opinion, and leaves an equally unpleasant aftertaste.

I think I might be mildly intolerant to oats? Im not sure, I’ve been using it wil less of the powder and a bit more water instead. It’s been better but I still feel a bit of an unsettled stomach when I drink it too quickly.

I seems I am intolerant to oats (there I was thinking I was a tolerant person). Have been using Huel for a week, and starting to see the old IBS and nausea flare up… I had always guessed that oats might be an issue, but was never sure. Well, it seems I got my confirmation. I wonder if there is any chance that Huel might do a version that is not based on oats. Or, and this is asking a bit much, is there an - sacrilege! - alternative out there that is similar to Huel but uses something else than oats (not maltodextrose though, because that is crap in its own right and does not even need my intolerance to be so).