Dizzy and Nausea


I started Huel on Tuesday, I had a ready made chocolate (lovely btw) then I had a 700 cal dinner (I have been tracking everything in MFP).

Yesterday I had 2 scoops coffee for breakfast and 2 scoops chocolate for lunch and then again 700 cals for dinner. I have been putting my journey on insta (you may have seen - I’m a busy mum and it’s been fitting in great to my lifestyle).
But, this morning I woke up and the dizziness is unreal? What is this fresh hell? Is it normal?

I can’t function and I’ve had to get my in laws in to look after the kids. I feel drunk when I stand up. The only change I have made is Huel. I’m pretty obese and was on a weight loss journey anyway before Huel as I’m trying to lose my post partum weight but I genuinely don’t think I can continue on Huel with this side effect as I’ve been ko’d.

No other symptoms. Help!

It could be anything. And if you are obese and only having that amount of calories each day it’s very low which itself can cause issues. What does your 700cal meal consist of. Huel is very low in salt and sugar so a sudden decrease in these may cause some problems. Are you drinking enough water? Either way it’s probably sensible to see your GP so they can check your blood pressure.


Thanks for your reply. I have been following a 1400cal diet for sometime now with great results. A steady 2lb loss each week so I don’t feel it’s a drop in cals as with 2 x Huel I’m still having 1500 cals a day.

Last night my dinner was lamb stew. Full of casserole vegetables, diced lamb and stock. I had a small dinner roll with 1tsp butter to dip in too!

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Sorry I don’t use scoops (I weigh and only use 100g per shake) so miscalculated your calories. Doesn’t seem too low in that case.

I experienced a bit of dizziness/nausea when I started Huel as my diet prior was very high sugar so I went through the withdrawal symtoms. But getting dizzy when standing up definitely isn’t normal so I would still say to double check with your GP.

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I’ve had very mild dizziness but that was because I had Huel for breakfast then wasn’t hungry for six hours, so didn’t eat. I know better than to do that. Haven’t made that mistake since.
See your doctor.

I got really dizzy for no reason at work once, had to leave and go to the doctors and I had labrynthitis (symptoms are dizzy and nauesa). It went away quite quickly and can be brought on by stress, dehydration and a load of other things. Definitely go to the docs, doesn’t sound like its the huel!

I’m fairly confident its Huel. I haven’t had any today, mainly because I haven’t been able to get out of bed and I’ve started to feel much better. No need to go to my GP as I’ve taken my BP at home. Its 100% Huel.

That’s my blood type not pressure. Huel rhesus negative.

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What specifically in Huel do you think can cause dizziness?

Dehydration perhaps? The fibre in Huel binds to water and many don’t seem to realise drinking huel doesn’t mean hydration comparative to drinking. It’s why there are so many “why am I getting a headache” posts.

First time I’ve heard of dizziness mind, though Dr Google says there’s strong links between dehydration and vertigo, so it might be that.

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The last two days I’ve drank 2l of water and then the Huel. So not over drank but not under drank by any means.

If I knew what it was in Huel that was causing it I wouldn’t need to post to the forum. All I know if 3 days ago I didn’t feel any dizziness. I had been slowly losing weight. I had blood tests mid Jan with my life insurance health check and all was normal/healthy ranges.

Day 3 into 2 x Huel a day and a 700 cal dinner which included carbs, meat, vegetables and I wake up like I’ve been on the lash for 3 days. I had to tend to my toddler at 4.40am and couldn’t stand up. I haven’t had any Huel today and eaten 2 slices of plain toast. 14hours later and I can stand up without the room spinning.

Vertigo or other conditions wouldn’t go away so quickly.

Symptoms of dehydration (eg vertigo/headache) would disappear the moment you weren’t dehydrated anymore, so I think you’re wrong there, but none of us are doctors on the forum far as I know. If it’s particularly debilitating you should see or speak to your GP and get proper advice.

Maybe check search and other posts where dizziness has been mentioned. Could be ideas in there for you there.


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I agree with others. Best to get checked over by your GP.

Cool. I think I’ll just stop taking Huel and not waste my GPs time to be told, stop taking Huel.

It can’t be dehydration or vertigo as today I haven’t been able to get myself a drink so have consumed 500ml which would further exacerbate any dehydration, if it were that.

Thanks for all of your help.

There are a lot of things that can cause dizziness and some of them are serious. It’s worth checking.

Sounds quite a lot like dehydration if that’s usual for you, particularly if you’re not used to the amount of fibre Huel provides. But like I said; I’m not a doctor :slight_smile:

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Vertigo can last hours, minutes or even seconds and it’s a symptom not a condition so yes it could go away in the time frame you’ve said. The feeling you described of the room spinning is vertigo. Obviously none of us will know what caused this as it could be anything but if you are adament it is Huel causing it then as you say, best to stop using it.

@skyedogstudio You mentioned you’re losing weight, are you consuming a lot fewer calories than before? It could be as simple as not eating enough. It’s tempting to be at a big calorie deficit to lose weight faster, but it’s ultimately not sustainable and will leave you feeling tired and dizzy because you’re not fuelling your body enough. Try to make sure you know your BMR and never eat less than this, as it’s the amount of calories your body needs to function properly. I’m glad you’ll be seeing a neurologist to get it checked out, take care of yourself.

How could it be huel? surely not, unless its the caffeine in the coffee flavour? do you usually have a lot of caffeine in your diet. My other concern would be the calories, you mention 1400, what do you normally consume? I don’t know your size or weight but 1400 is not many. I am currently weighing 70kg and I have 1900 per day and this is allowing me to lose 1 lb a week.

As stated by the other see a GP but I would say it either the change in calories and diet or even a mental health issue, I sometimes get a bit dizzy due to anxiety and that can be impacted by coffee.