Headaches & feeling light headed...gutted!

Day 3 for me I woke up feeling a little light headed, as the day progressed at work I felt spacey & a wee bit nauseous on off throughout the day.

Thought it could be sugar withdrawal (though my diet pre Huel would in no way be considered high sugar) so I gobbled a funsize choc bar to see if it would remedy it…it didn’t.

Reading others experiences with headaches & light headedness on here it would suggest to order unflavoured to see how I get on with that. Just a bit peeved my body has reacted this way as I was so pleased with everything up to this.


Moan over, hope everyone has had a good day :+1:

It may settle down. Any change in diet can make you feel a bit odd initially. Did you ease into it?
I’m on day 10 now and the headaches I experienced around day 2/3 have disappeared. I thought it was the sucralose but I’ve been having both u/u and flavoured last few days with no problems. Only time I’ve had any issues is if I have too large a portion at once ie a thickly mixed 3 scoop portion, downed in a 5 minute period. It’s a lot of calories and nutrients to go chucking into your system all of a sudden! Without any chewing to give your system warning that it’s coming!
That’s my theory anyway!
Once your body recognises the huel it will become more efficient at processing it and will actually come to expect it.
Give yourself time to adjust.
Have it only once a day, and either make it a 2 scoop portion or make it more watery and drink it slowly over a half hour or so.
Then you can start increasing portion size and number of portions in a day.
This is all totally my own theory based on my own experience of diet changes and my own recent introduction of huel to my diet. But I do have qualifications in human biology, physiology and nutrition, so I’m my theories are vaguely based on science :grin:
Hope this helps
But yes, try U/U by all means. I really like it! I also find U/U mixed with flavoured 50/50 pretty good