Huel headaches right after Huel meals

Currently on 3rd day of Huel. My tolerance to its taste varies time to time. The flavour packets can make or break the drink (worst so far for me - Mocha, best so far - Banana & Strawberry, can’t fudge up those 2). However, I find myself with a headache about 30 minutes after Huel meals. A headache that gets worse and worse, pounding my head severely. Huel is the only food item that causes headaches.

I can eat 700-1500 kcal packs of chocolate and be just fine. Subway, scotch eggs, sainsbury’s pasta, loads of fruit… no headahces. 2 scoops of Huel - pounding migraines.

Any suggestions? Do they go away? Is it to do with extra low sugar levels in Huel (my normal diet is very high on fructose and glucose and sweeteners)? I really like the convenience of Huel. I want to keep using it.

How much water/liquids do you drink over the course of the day?

Are you having Vanilla or Unflavoured & Unsweetened Huel?

I’m putting money on Vanilla!

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Same as before approx 2l a day. The headaches start RIGHT AFTER huel tho.

Yes, Vanilla. Is it something in the vanilla flavouring causing this?

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Yes. Other’s have reported headaches too. I believe they suspect the sweetener? U/U Huel doesn’t contain this so perhaps you could swap any unopened bags for U/U? Just an idea.

I simply threw my 2 bags away after first use.

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Could well be the Sucralose - the sweetener in the vanilla. I sometimes get headaches if I have too much Sucralose in a day, usually from multiple ‘reduced sugar’ or ‘no added sugar’ products on top of any protein shakes. Some people can tolerate it more than others and I even find my sensitivity goes up on certain days, which I’ve not been able to explain as of yet.

Try the unflavoured Huel and get some of the flavourings on offer as they contain Stevia instead of Sucralose as a sweetener, so hopefully you’ll get on better with them.

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I have more of a reaction to the stevia in the flavour pouches. Never had a headache after Diet Coke but stevia does weird things to my head lol!

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I had similar issues when I first started on Huel too, but that was with v1.0 (early 2016) and after switching to Unsweetened I’ve not had any issues.
Experienced it again when I went to the Mix and Mingle at the Huel HQ. It was a great experience but most of the treats were made with the vanilla Huel.

Hope you find a solution =)

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