Strong headaches! :(


I started Huel a few weeks ago and I am liking it a lot, however I am having headaches!! I’m using the New and Improved Vanilla, and number of scoops is irrelevant. After drinking a bit a Huel, I get a very strange tension like headache. After searching a bit on forums some people mention that the sweetener might cause this but I didn’t find any real evidence or confirmation by the Huel team.

I should state that:

  1. I am the type of person who never has headaches, and even when I do they are very tolerable.

  2. I hate sugar, and have consumed almost 0% sugar for the past few years. Yes, that is black coffee, no energy or canned drinks, no juices, no cakes, no chocolates, etc.

  3. I am definitely well hydrated.

EDIT: Fixed typo, and also wanted to mention that headaches are accompanied with slight dizziness/inability to concentrate.

I had this in the beginning too, it passed though I’ve no clue what caused it

Hi Sarah! Thank you for responding, glad I’m not the only one.

Do you remember approximately how long it took for them go away?

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No problem, as far as I remember it was a couple of weeks x

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I had the same for a few days . I just drank more water as it felt like a hangover/dehydration

Hi, some of us are quite sensitive to certain sweeteners, such as sucralose and stevia. I have had the exact same issues when I tried the improved vanilla and I do whenever I consume drinks or foods that contain sucralose. Have you tried the unsweetened unflavoured version? You can always add some vanilla extract to it and sweeten with something else. When I switched to U&U my headaches went away.

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I thought of updating the post for anyone reading this in the future.

Headaches are 100% gone. Now, I can’t tell you if sweetener was the issues but I have recently changed to original vanilla and U/U and I mix 50-50. I find the taste to be spot on for my taste buds.

Appreciate the input flavia and Sarah!


I’ve only just seen this, thats brilliant news!