Feeling sick with headaches

Hi everyone

I have just started having Huel which I love but it’s making me feel sick and tired - I started on two a day with three scoops in half skimmed milk and half water. Im using the improved vanilla adding frozen fruit to it and blending in a nutribullet. Is there anything I can do to get rid of this feeling - change something etc? Am open to suggestions.

Thank you!

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Morning @AlisonF, are you eating enough, I get like that when I havent eaten enough calories? 3 scoops is a good amount but I guess it depends on what you were eating before :grinning:

Try transitioning to huel more gradually, or only use it for one meal and use normal food otherwise

Your headaches are most likely from sucralose, a sweetener used in this company’s products. I’d stop for a week, then restart to see if this is the case.