New, firstvanilla, splitting headache!

Oh my, just had my first Huel. Vanilla with unsweetened Almond milk (extra 50 calls) it was sooo sweet and I’ve got a killer headache wishing the hour, not gone after two earl grey teas and a pint and a half of water.

I have very little sugar in my diet, so not withdrawing and have minimum caffeine, which I’m not quitting.

So if I don’t have sugar or caffeine cravings, or dehydration, any idea why I got a Huel Headache?

I have lots of health problems, with autoimmune diseases, and Cushing’s syndrome, so I’m desperate to moderate my calorie intake so I know the weight is steroid excess from disease not excess food.

I was 9st and am 5’8" now 14st and very unhappy and poorly. I’ve tried all sorts of diets and follow them like projects, but the cortisol excess in my body just piles on the pounds.

I have no control over disease, not medical progress that is slow and complex. But I can control what a I consume. I usually stick to 1250 calories per day, but cheat with wine!

I’m cutting out the wine during the week and following a 2 scoop, twice a day Huel plan with lots of salad and veggies but no meat or fish, I’ve been veggie for 35 years.

Any advice, support or encouragement welcome.

Thank YOU

Could you try having a 1 scoop drink and see what happens? Ideally I guess trying the Unflavoured version would be a good test, but you probably wouldn’t want to buy extra Huel at this stage after your initial experience?

I hear you! I have autoimmune issues too and get headaches and bad wind in the first week or so of using Huel but it does wear off. I dont know why the headaches though x