Feeling sick

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
So my boyfriend has been having a problem with huel, he said he feels sick after having it, he has tried to have it all different ways, less water, more water, same with powder and putting it in the fridge for a bit but he still isn’t having any luck with it.
Has anyone got any ideas with what we could try because he really does want to stick with huel but this is making it difficult obviously. Hope someone can help, thanks :slight_smile:

He might be drinking too much of it? Introduce it to your diet as slowly as possible, especially if your usual diet is not so good. Huel is great for you but can be a bit of a shock to the system at first!


Yeah I was thinking that, I’m also thinking it might be the flavour so next time I am going to get the unflavoured and he can try that, don’t think he is going to touch it until I get those

Sounds like your bf isn’t as invested in this healthy new liquid diet as much as you are :joy: I promise if you both stick with it you’ll find it hard to give up once it starts making you feel healthy and amazing.

P.S. don’t hold out too much hope for the UU version, it is NOT yummy IMHO but to be fair some people do drink it straight and others have had a lot of success having half vanilla + half UU


Possibly too much, or more likely too fast.

I crave water after a huel (strangely), which is great as I get more in, but prior to a drink I can definitely feel queezy after huel, especially in the morning.


He does give up quick sometimes I know :smile: I am going to try everything I can to make sure he has it because I feel so much better on the huel already

Thanks, I’m thinking its more to do with the flavour than anything but I will find out when I try the other ones :slight_smile:

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Also - some people on here have reported feeling nauseous/headaches after consuming Huel - which could possibly be a sensitivity to the artificial sweetener that some people get. I admit I have experienced feeling ‘unpleasant’ after consuming Huel frequently, but that feel usually goes after a few days.

Maybe its just the body adjusting to a constant feed of vitamins and minerals.


Well my boyfriend is very unwell today but I doubt its because of the huel, I’m surprised I haven’t had any of those effects, the only thing I’ve had is bad gas lol :laughing:

Same with gas lol but it’s all about peas lol. However I used to get sick at first too. Now it’s going better. Just keep eating it and you will adapt. Taste is something harder. I’m not into the fully health thing so you can try add salt, sucralose (for sweetness) and even monoglutamate sodium to add taste to salty preparations. You can buy aromas, recommending natural ones. I don’t like huel ones. Or you can buy spices too.

I did feel a little bit sick the second day too, but to be honest I feel sick (like gaaaaas sick :smiley: ) basically everyday (that’s why I’m trying to improve my nutrition with Huel). I also had probably the bad idea to start with a Huel dinner, than a Huel lunch (after a normal breakfast) and then a pizza dinner, so it was probably too much for my guts.
Now I’m doing some adjusting days eating only 2 scoops a day, let’s see. :slight_smile:
Regarding the taste, I love it in every flavor combination I tried so far, so not a problem for me. :slight_smile:

Well my boyfriend now says that even the smell of it makes him feel sick, might be a mental thing :laughing: I don’t know if he will try again but even if he doesn’t I’m still going to have it, thanks for all of your help though :slightly_smiling_face:

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