I’ve been ordering Huel since december last year. 1-2 shakes per day, i wanted to try a full week just with Huel, but didn’t quite manage to get there. Anyway, everything was all fine until v3.0. Started feeling nauseous less than an hour after drinking the shake.

Sometimes it goes away after a few hours, other times nausea is still there even second day. I did drink more water (i used to drink 1.5l or less, now i drink 2l or more, cause i started exercising recently), so not sure what to do next. The only change was basically the formula of the shake, I read the ingredients on the new formula, so don’t know where the big impact comes from. I don’t have allergies either, but sometime after drinking the shake it feels like i have a lump in my throat and it gets dry too and the constant nausea feeling like food climbs from stomach back my throat. It doesn’t burn, but some gas comes back up. If only it didn’t feel like i’m one burp away from throwing up.

If you have any advice, I’ll gladly take it. Has anyone else even experienced this?

I was looking forward to replace at least 2 meals per day and properly start losing weight. But lately, cause of the nausea i drank 1 shake every 2-3 days. Which is why I don’t order it as often either.

Thanks in advance!

Does no other food trigger this response? If so it sounds like GORD (or GERD in the US) which can cause both reflux and Globus sensation in the throat.

When I was smoking, drinking and doing little exercise with an office job I felt like that with certain foods (bakes beans of all things!) and the doctor gave me some omeprazole and told me to stop smoking, skip the booze for a few months and get my arse back to the gym!

Have a chat with your GP.

Nope, regular food doesn’t cause anything. I have no problems with gluten, dairy and all that. But i did consider at some point trying the gluten free formula, just to see if anything changes. But figured if i had a gluten problem, other foods would’ve cause problems (beer, pizza, pasta, bread etc).

Weird thing is i noticed the chocolate one didn’t cause nausea. So maybe something in the mocha one is iffy? It’s not expired and kept it in good condition since i opened the bag though, don’t know why it doesn’t agree with me.

I also find it weird that out of 3 different flavors, mocha was the thinnest for some reason. Same dosage, but it turns out very very liquid compared to chocolate and berry. Isn’t the flavor supposed to be the only difference and rest pretty much the same?

Could always be an external factor, but one for the doc

life is a multi factored thing

peanut butter, jelly, so many factors

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