Consistent nausea + palpitations from Gluten Free version?! (But not regular)

Hi there,

I’ve gone through about 16 bags of regular unsweetened/unflavoured Huel. The version with Gluten. I really liked it and never felt a distinct crash or any side effects. I used to have it as a last meal to ensure high quality sleep, rather than varying my last meal every day.

I then ordered the recent Gluten-Free version, thinking why not, I might as well avoid Gluten in the case that I’m possibly intolerant. I ordered 3 bags and have gone through 1.5 so far.

It’s been the case now that consistently, 1-2 hours after consuming it, I will start to have palpitations, feel quite dull and nauseous. It’s a very distinct feeling of crashing and weakness. I considered this to be sheer coincidence, but this pattern has happened approximately 15 times now over 3 weeks. There are no other variables like illness and my diet outside of it is unchanged.

I’m wondering…

Has there been any recipe change in general the last 2-3 months?

Has anyone had an equally strange negative effect from Gluten Free Huel?

As someone who understands nutrition, I can’t identify an obvious cause to this. But the pattern is clearly there, and I never had this effect with regular Huel 2 - 8 months ago.


Im on my third bag of gluten free now from changing from regular hule n ive not had any reactions from it.

There was indeed a change >2 months ago, from calcium citrate to calcium carbonate: Slight Change to Huel v2.2 Formula
But it’s hard to imagine that such an ordinary substance should cause your symptoms. :thinking:

Have you had your thyroid checked lately?

This is an old thread. The OP is referring to v2.1. Interestingly v2.2 was released 3 days after this post.

@JamesFish Sorry that this wasn’t responded to, how are you getting along now?

I’m wondering about this; I’ve started Huel GF (ordered less than a month ago) and I’ve noticed an increase in these symptoms (nausea, palpitations, etc.) I’m wondering if it’s the calcium supplement, too. Going to stop and see if my symptoms go away.

Hello Tim - since I started using Huel i’ve only ever used GF in combination sometimes with RTD for convenience . Haven’t had any of the symptoms you or the original poster mentioned. As you say - a simple process of elimination will help determine what it is.

Is there really a huge difference between normal and GF?

I thought it was just that the oats in GF were assured GF whereas normal comes with no promises?


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The GF version uses different oats. All other ingredients are the same. The GF version is routinely tested and certified to be gluten free.
The only way the GF version could make you sick is if there happened to be a bad batch of oats used.
I consume GF huel daily and have various bags (of different flavours) bought at different times so are from various batches. None of them have made me sick.

If you’re really convinced it is that particular bag that is making you ill, then return it to Huel and ask them to test it


Same here, I have GF Huel 3 times a day without issue, I am feeling ill today but that’s my own fault for having bread and pastry last night!!! I am a sucker I never learn!!

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