So annoyed

I’ve used huel and and off for years but lately seem to be intolerant to it.I’m 1/4 through a black huel drink and have gone very dizzy with nausea-same thing happened yesterday.I’m just so annoyed that I opened my other bag this morning instead of trying the same one from yesterday to see if it had the same effect-although,the same symptoms from two bags shows that I have become intolerant to maybe the flavourings?.if I hadn’t opened the second bag I could’ve sent it bk.has anyone else found they’ve deveoped intolerances?maybe I should’ve ordered u/u to see if it is the flavouring

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Hi those symptoms are not normally linked with a food intolerance – they are more commonly associated with a food allergy. I wouldn’t have thought the flavourings would be a culprit for an allergy but as you say – you could try UU as the start of a process of elimination. Adult-onset food allergies are not exactly uncommon so it could well be an actual allergy to one of the main ingredients if it is affecting you so rapidly.

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Ok thanks.maybe I should try the white gluten free u/u instead of the black as it could be something in the black

Please email so we can ask all relevant questions for the nutrition team to asses which product is best for you. This definitely sounds odd and it might be worth consulting your GP as we wouldn’t want to speculate the potential intolerance.

So I tried Huel for the first time last month and I had a terrible reaction. I wrote a post about it, I’ll try to find it.

Headache, dizzy, anxious etc. I’ve got something called histamine intolerance, and it appears your symptoms are the same. It’s not very common and even most doctors don’t know enough about it.

There is very little histamine in Huel, but some of the ingredients can act as a trigger. I bought a bag of white and one of black, they are both now sitting in my cupboard as I cant use them.

I’ve also got Ulcerative Colitis, and one drink put me into a flare for the past month, that I’m only just coming out of.

I am not anti Huel and I think for most people it’ll really work. However, for certain sensitive individuals it is potentially quite dangerous.

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Thanks for sharing Andrew, I’m really sorry you’ve been put through a tough time.

If you suffer from Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis or proctitis, and are experiencing a flare-up, we advise you not to use Huel. However, if you’re in remission, Huel may actually be beneficial due to its fibre content, I’m surprised that Huel has caused a flare-up for you.