Astroturfing Thread #2

So it took me almost a year to figure this out, I have been to the doctors and had no answer to ny dizziness in the mornings. I drink Huel black chocolate at work for breakfast every shift, 3x a week.

On the days I drink Huel black, I get super dizzy, anxious and genrally unwell to the point I have to sit down because I feel I may fall over or pass out.

On the days I dont drink Huel it takes me a few days to recover and not feel dizzy anymore. So to test my theory i stopped drinking Huel and tried it once i was feeling better and sure enough it caused dizziness again.

Now, I’m a nurse and the only rationale I can come up with is something in the formula is causing a drop in sugar and a spike in insulin, in which case this is completely unacceptable. For a year I’ve struggled with this only to find out its the “healthy meal replacement” I’ve been having for breakfast. Precious days wasted sick and terrified unable to rigure out whats wrong with me.

Now i have at least 6 or more bags from my subscriotion that I will never drink and would certainly not endorse others to drink. I see others with similar experiences and I’m wondering what Huel is doing to look into claims like this or to mitigate issues with customers.

I drink Huel Black for breakfast every morning and it actually stops me feeling dizzy and anxious, which is generally how I wake up.

Whilst everyone’s different, and we all have different issues, there must be millions of Huel Black breakfasters who are doing just fine. Your reaction sounds unusual. Have you considered getting yourself tested?

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So you personally had a dodgy reaction…out of the hundreds of thousands of ppl that use huel…you expect them to do…what exactly…shut down production, close the company. I’ve had a bad reaction to a Chinese I ate once before…but I think they are still open and selling food :woman_shrugging:t2:
Blows my mind the amount of people that have issues with actual supermarket food, but they don’t go banging on the door at Asda asking them to “investigate” but because they’re buying food in powder form, it’s always huels fault for the bad reaction

I’m intrigued by the timescale: Huel for breakfast three times a week, causes a reaction every time, each of which needs a few days to recover from. I don’t see how there are enough days in the week for that to make any sense.

This intrigues me
“formula is causing a drop in sugar and a spike in insulin”
Black is low carb how is it spiking insulin and stevia doesn’t effect glucose &only has small amount of coconut sugar


“almost a year to figure this out”? lol behave.

This is getting silly now.

Whoever you are, go and get a real job.

Multiple doctors, tons of tests, no explanations until i started tracking when i drank the Huel and my symtpms fit perfectly with having Huel for breakfast. I have found multiple people with similar experiences to mine and found Huel to be the cause. I just think perhaps there needs to be a warning on products that have the potential to cause symptoms or at the very least looking into viable customer experiences. My husband drinks the regular Huel formula and has no issues but the black formula seems to cause problems for me. He has never tried the black one but what works for one person doesnt always work for another. Im just saying that never have I consumed a product for a meal and it made me dizzy and unable to function. Its quite scary in my experience.

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Why is it so hard for you to be an empathetic and compassionate person when someone is expressing concern? I have met multiple people online with similar reactions that lost valuable days of their lives feeling sick because of this.

Food prepared by hands at a restaurant is a far cry from something created in a factory under certain regulations. You risk any number of bugs that can cause food poisoning at any restaurant when someone sneezes in your food, thats a risk you take.

But to buy a prepackaged meal replacement and experience side effects that severe is certainly an issue and in my opinion warrants investigation into the formula or perhaps a warning for those who may have blood sugar issues. I did not once ask for them to “shut down production,” stop trolling and learn to be empathetic instead of reactive.

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Ever heard of a variable schedule? I may have up to 6 days off in a row at times between shifts if i work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday but not work again until Wednesday the following week.

I mean what are you trying to prove here by asking about my work schedule? How is that even relavent to the concern I had in the first place?

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You’re the one engaging in a post about a genuine heakth concern with no real valuable input, seems like you need the job. There are multiple factors that I had to tske into account regarding my health before coming to this assumption and finding others with a sinilar experience. I consulted multiple doctors and had tons of work ups, you keep trolling though.

Yeah but this is what grates me…what are you expecting them to “investigate” in specific relation to you…do a trial of ppl and see if they experience dizziness and if they don’t…then what…see what ingredient causes dizziness…could be anything. Ppl are so quick to have a rant but what are you expecting them to actually look at, ppl moan about bad guts and gas…it’s made me nauseous, feel sick…are huel supposed to “investigate” that. Such a vague term so if you can give me legit breakdown on what you expect them to do in relation to one persons problem then please tell me.
It’s powdered food for crying out loud…not massively different from protein shakes that gives ppl bad guts and what not, it’s got a few powdered minerals in it too.
Just look at the bigger picture in the millions of ppl that buy it…you want them to investigate…again…what!
The human body is different for absolutely everyone, some ppl can eat whatever they want no issue, some ppl have sensitivities some ppl it will give headaches etc, the gut microbiome is unique to everyone, Christ some ppl get nauseous and sick from a basic multivitamin

So if you work Mon, Tues, Weds and have Huel each day (as you’ve told us) and Huel makes you dizzy each time and each time you need a few days to recover… it sounds as tho’ you’re getting dizzy on Monday, but still working and still having Huel again on Tuesday, and same again on Wednesday, then say six days off with no Huel. Do I understand that right?

The reason I’m asking is it sounded like you’d been ill enough to be off work:

Perhaps that’s not the case here.

I hope you can see how it might be relevant to the concerns you’ve expressed if you’ve been having Huel three days consecutively rather than spread over a week.

Have you tried your husband’s v3.1? Maybe you’d tolerate that ok, as he does.
Have you asked him to try your Black Edition? It might be instructive. The issue here is your unusual intolerance, not any general issue with the product.

In any case it sounds like you’d be wise to return your unused bags and try a different version.

Why are you still hung up on my work schedule? I will repeat myself, it is a variable schedule. I do not always work consecutive days, i could work monday, saturday and sunday, or maybe tuesday, friday saturday, or monday, tuesday and thursday. And each day off is spent recovering and resting trying to figure out why im so sick and dizzy.

Again, you are focusing in the wrong issue, which should be my health. Instead you are concerned about me being off work or when Im working? I have had to take multiple sick days, find coverage for work and worry if I will be let go for being a burden and sick constantly.

Seriously? Do you get off on this kind of stuff? Its truly interesting that you focus on irrelevant information instead of the human asking for people for guidance and help or even similar experiences.

But if my work schedule is the hill you want to die on then by all means.

Thank you for asking this, yes, I have tried his formula, not a single problem with it but I hate the taste and consistency so I have always preferred the Huel black. He has only ever tried the Huel black maybe once or twice because he does not care for the taste or consistency.

Do you think Huel would be willing to do a refund or an exchange as my husband likes the original formula.

This is why I don’t understand people being so rude here, my husband loves it and it works for him. But for someone like me I obviously reacted very differently. I just think maybe there needs to be some work done on a formula like this or perhaps a warning. But maybe thats unrealistic.

Once again, someone comparing situations that are in no way similar. Dizziness and near syncope are not the same as taking a multivitamin on and empty stomach and throwing up. This required multiple doctors visits and precious time to figure out. Their bag doesnt list anything out of the ordinary, and I take or consume most of those ingredients on a regular basis. So why then does the formula elicit such a reaction? What else is in it that would cause that? Thats the big picture. I’m allowed to not like the product because I had a reaction to it and it wasnt safe. Get over that fact and stop being judgemental and baised because you happen to like the product.

You can return unopened/unused packs for a refund within 30 days of delivery through the returns section of your account page.

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It’s what your doctor asked wasn’t it? When do you take it, how often, how long to recover afterwards? Relevant concerns when you have a problem with an unusual reaction to food. Your work schedule is only of interest here because those are the days on which you’ve been having Huel.

What did your doctors conclude from the tests? Is it an allergy to a particular ingredient?

Well your the muppet that drank it for a year…if you introduce anything new to your diet that the body is unfamiliar with and start getting a reaction…you do the math 12 months sooner