Hangover Cure or Just Placebo

This may just be apocryphal or imagined but, I’ve had cause to knock back a very large amount of alcohol a couple of times during my Huelathon so far, both times my normal Huel breakfast has steadied the old stomach and evened out the general feeling of physical pollution. Not fit to drive but fit to stand in a field watching Rugby for two hours armed only with a coffee. Normally I’d have had a proper fry up, so I was surprised to find that Huel seemed to have similar effect without the over greasy queasy feeling that two pounds of fried pork can cause.

Wondering if anyone else has experienced this - all to healthy to drink at all would be my guess :smile:

I’ve found that I don’t feel any hangover symptoms anymore… I used to get a dodgy tummy after just a few ciders. Not anymore!

I have just put this to the test after breaking my promise never to drink on a Sunday. I was at the Arsenal game yesterday and subsequent party afterwards. I can fully endorse Huel and a double espresso is a fantastic hangover cure and ensured that I got to my 9am meeting on time :slight_smile:

I’ve had a few heavy nights out recently (alcohol +) and have woken up the next day without any hangover symptoms at all (at least, physical ones). Which I guess is slightly different to Huel curing an already existing hangover - and perhaps even cooler? Anyone else found the same thing?

@Pott55 no hangovers because of Huel or because of lack of drinking?

This sounds too good to be true, will have to do some research!

Anyone tried drinking a Huel before bed after a night on the town to start the healing process overnight - probably better than a donner?

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So I started Huel’ing just yesterday (breakfast, lunch), then I was out on the town last night and had a few pints - and woke up feeling like the arse end of a dragon this morning.

The idea of having to drink a Huel for breakfast instead of having a fry up or something more substantial almost killed me. But I manned up and got through it - and I seem to be feeling a hell of a lot better…!

I will test this theory out tomorrow morning as I will be consuming a weeks worth of calories tonight in alcohol consumption :beer:

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Update - I spent yesterday at my local Dragon Boat race event. Huel for breakfast, Huel for lunch. Felt slightly fragile but got through the day ok. I was surrounded by the smell of cooking burgers & hot dogs but managed to resist in my hungover state :slight_smile:

I would recommend Huel for hangover cures, I functioned just fine !!


Works well still as a hangover cure. Didn’t stop me feeling rough following a few ciders the other night unfortunately!

I say placebo but I imagine it helps replace nutrients, as long as you drink plenty of water to prevent further dehydration etc.

I clicked this topic because I have the same experience. Saying I have no hangover at all is a bit of a stretch, but I definitely feel better being on Huel and eating Huel after a night of drinking, than I do with anything else I’ve tried to cure hangovers.

However later on the day I still feel like getting a good pizza :wink:
But Huel to cure hangovers gets my vote :relaxed:

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I have just put Huel to the test after consuming a skin full of ale last night. I drank my normal serving of Huel followed by 1 litre of water with added salt and sugar before sleep and have woken up a lot fresher than I deserve!

A lot of feeling hungover is about being dehydrated, alcohol’s a diuretic after all.

When we have Huel we don’t just take on a boat load of nutrition… we’re also taking on loads of fluid, which is definitely going to combine to help you feel better.

I still feel like sh*t after going too far on a night out. Not as much as I used to, but yeah, I stopped drinking lol

I also think that huel’s positive effect on hangover is because of all the minerals and vitamins it contains. That is because you need more of them after a long drinking night. Ofc. hidration and just feeling your belly with nutritional food like huel also helps.

I have 1-2 scoops before i go to bed. It helps recovery (and I think sleep) a lot - especially on longer later nights when you haven’t eaten much. I couldn’t eat a meal at the point, but i can down a shake…

I have been using Huel for over one month now and can honestly say I haven’t had a bad hangover since I started drinking Huel. It doesn’t eradicate a hangover, but it certainly takes a substantial edge off…

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My proposed theory is that the higher water content of using Huel is the reason hangover symptoms decrease. In part this could be because the water content protects aginst dehydration and is maintained wit in the body thereby compensating in part for urine eliminated by the dieuretic effect of alchohol.