Has anyone had alcohol on huel?

I have had huel now for two days, although i was only replacing one meal so far. Made my tummy a little funny, then a lot worse after having a few beers, just wondered what others had experienced? Ive not had huel today or yesterday but i want to keep trying soon

I have eaten Huel and drunk beer in the same day with no side affects.

Wonder how nice it would be blending 500ml of chocolate stout with 100g Huel as a breakfast meal. Maybe I’ll try it before work tomorrow. :wink:



Or yum. Now you’ve mentioned it I don’t know if it would be disgusting or not. But it does sound like making porridge with beer instead of water.

Let me know how it goes. (And for breakfast???)

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Old thread, but this is something I’m interested in. Currently on my first week of 80-90% Huel and trying to lose weight, but going out drinking tomorrow night (likely clear spirits with calorie free mixers). Worried about drinking without solid food in my stomach, is this something I should be worried about? Should I drink more Huel in preperation, or eat a solid meal before going out?

Also, Huel for hangovers? I think the taste would be a struggle, but surely it would be the perfect hangover cure in theory?

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My alcohol tolerance on Huel has gone down a bit (but not drastically). Overall, drinking is no problem for me. Due to the high carb content, I have cut it down during the week, but the occasional binge on the weekend worked alright for me so far. Some people do claim that Huel makes a decent Hang-over cure the next day, but I am yet to find out for myself (so far I stayed within my tolerance).

I switched from beer to good quality scotch. No complants :slight_smile:

Perhaps a Huel cocktail recipe thread is required :grinning:

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I’m going to a beer festival tomorrow, so would be interested to know whether Huel is any good for lining your stomach prior to going out on the lash. My alcohol tolerance is much reduced since adopting a healthier lifestyle and I have a festival on Saturday and band practise on Sunday, so don’t want to be too trashed for either. :grin:

I think it would be good at lining the stomach, at least it would fill you up before a night out. On the hangover note from before, Huel is a great hangover cure so I’m told, a combination of hydration and minerals I expect are the key contributors here!

@Tubby_Graver very keen for a cocktail thread. I love making cocktails, but haven’t tried any with Huel. Any creamy cocktail would be great I think. Batida, Pina Colada, Mudslide are all potential. Maybe even just with a shot of Irish whiskey in to imitate a Baileys?

We need to get Huel on Jamie’s Drinks Tube!

i dont think its good for lining the stomach. i had a very bad hangover after huel.

Surely you can’t attribute your hangover to Huel! Lining the stomach doesn’t prevent hangovers does it, but just stops the alcohol absorbing so quickly? If you drink lots, you are going to get a hangover!

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Yes and after 44 years on this planet have discovered a way not to get a hangover!
This is what I did last Saturday and I woke on Sunday feeling great!
Huel for breakfast and lunch.
Santander cycle 15 minutes
walk to pub 40 minutes.
Pint of cider
Pint of Guiness
Walk to stadium 10 minutes
Watch football
Halftime pint of cider
watch football
walk to pub 15 minutes
2 pints of Guiness
Walk 30 minutes to cycle dock
2 pints of Guiness in the pub waiting for it to stop raining
Cycle 11 minutes
1 pint of Guiness waiting for a train
30 minute walk from station to a friends party
1 bottle of red wine
30 minute walk home around midnight

Woke up around 6am
100g Huel for breakfast
Felt fine all day!!!

Usually after all that, Sunday is a day in bed thinking it’s my last day on earth!

I know this is an old thread, but I just googled this topic and arrived here. I wanted to share my experiences drinking on Huel. I’m 34 years old, slightly thinner than average but reasonably fit and a normal BMI. I worked as a bartender for about 10 years, so I have lots of experience with drinking and am very familiar with my body’s tolerance and so forth when it comes to alcohol. But I had two of the worst black out drunk experiences of my life (I’ve only blacked out 4 times in total from drinking since I was 21, and two of those times were just last year, both in connection with Huel, so I don’t think it’s a coincidence).

I’ve never substituted more than 1 meal per day with Huel. I basically just use it to help counteract the days when I’m a bit lazy with my cooking and feel like my diet wasn’t quite up to par. Anyway, on these two nights that I blacked out, I had eaten two normal meals for breakfast and lunch, Huel in the evening before going out, plus a few snacks at the party itself while drinking. So my stomach was far from being empty. I had, as usual for a party, maybe 4 or 5 beers and a couple of long drinks in the span of about 6 hours. That would normally get me nice and drunk with perhaps a mild hangover the next day, but on these two separate occasions where I chose to drink Huel for dinner before drinking, that amount of alcohol had me puking my guts out and not remembering how I got home, plus a severe hangover the next day.

I know this isn’t exactly the most scientific evidence, and there could have been other variables involved to make it a mere coincidence, but it’s enough for me to be staying away from Huel when I plan to drink in the future, and the rest of you should also beware. I recommend eating solid food for nights out. Huel and alcohol don’t mix!

I went put drinking after 4 weeks on nothing but Huel and water last year.

I didn’t have a lot to drink but was absolutely trollied. The drink hit me much harder than usual.

That said, it could have been due to the lack of solid food, or it could be because I’d not had any booze for a few months. Maybe a combination of the two.

Those last two anecdotes should be used in Huel marketing. Attract a whole new crowd.


That would likely do it.

‘solid food’ is only ‘solid’ when it’s on your plate but you’re going to grind it down with your teeth into sloppy mush. Huel is food that has been ground down for you. Still food though. Just has a bit more water with it. If you have a glass of water with your meals it will give the same effect.