Drunk on a huel diet

Hi guys, brand new hueler here!

I know alcohol on a huel diet had no negative side effects, but I was wondering has anyone gotten drunk while on a huel diet??

Usually before I go out for a night out I will have a full meal otherwise the alcohol hits way too quick and you skip all the fun parts and just end up throwing up, I have only drank on an empty stomach once and it was not pleasant.

Does drinking my dinner time huel have the same effect as eating before going on a sesh?? Or will I have to incorporate solid food??

There is an ongoing topic about it here:

Peoples experiences tend to vary :slight_smile:

Even if you have a 800kcal meal of Huel then alcohol will hit you like you’re drinking on an empty stomach. I regret the amount of times I did the same mistake hoping for different results.

Alcohol always has negative side effects, but you’re less likely to feel hungover if your body has proper nutrition before/during/after.

I can’t say there’s a particularly huge change, but I definitely feel a lot more level headed whilst drinking these days.

Course I’ve also sworn off shots, but that’s probably unrelated lol


It’s not about the nutrition you have, it’s about the food staying in your stomach and slowing down the digestion of alcohol. Huel moves to the intestine quite fast.

I only get hangovers if I drink on an empty stomach, 800kcal of Huel 40 minutes before the first drink didn’t change a thing.

@Tristan Please don’t leave a false impression that it is just about nutrition, I’m on a mission to save people from getting fucked up and being hungover as fuck just because they thought that having a big meal of Huel will mean that they’re drinking on a full stomach…


Appreciate it man but I’m looking to get fucked up, just not fucked up so quickt my night ends in three hours.

Still gotta eat a traditional meal before I drink, thanks :heart:

Appreciate you trying to help, but you really should make sure you’re better informed before saying being hungover has anything to do with nutrition.

I’m probably malnourished as fuck, i ear pure utter junk and I’ve only every had a hangover twice in my life, and the time i drank on an empty stomach wasn’t one.

I’m more inclined to agree with Tristan here. KarlBerg’s personal experiences aside, Huel is just healthy food (with high protein content) and from your digestive system’s perspective, it’s not ‘non-food’ or even ‘non-solid’. Additionally, I’m pretty sure Tristan is right that nutrition plays a part in how hungover you end up feeling.


Nutrition has absolutely nothing to do with hangover prevention, i dont get hangovers and I am not interested in finding ways to prevent one or reduce the effects of one.

I just wanted to know were or not a huel would have the same effects as eating a solid meal would vis-à-vis alcohol adsorption and the rate at which i get drunk.

But i appreciate you trying to help

Are you using a slightly different definition of nutrition (or hangover!) to me, perhaps? Hydration is an element of nutrition and is definitely a major factor, restoring electrolytes like potassium is definitely a protective factor and e.g. cysteine seems to break down acetaldehyde.

Hangovers aren’t that well understood, to be fair, but in that light it seems somewhat extraordinary to claim that no element of nutrition has anything to do with them.

As to your central question, I think you’re going to be most comfortable with the answer you find for yourself from (careful) trial and error. As JewyB said, there’s an ongoing discussion about this in another thread and it might be most fair to say that people’s reactions vary.


I do find it weird going on the attack on tristan saying he is ill informed when… Well… He is just trying to answer a question. Hangovers, alcohol consumption and nutrition levels are all interlinked as y’know, digestion is pretty heavily involved in all three. A hangover is worse if your body does not have the building blocks to repair the damage thats done to it by drinking. Now, i dont want to sound to crazy here but did you know food is one our main sources of these aforementioned “building blocks”? So it absolutely has an effect. And thats science, not opinion. Its why after drinking the currently agreed “best cure” is getting some food and water down you, yknow, for the nutrients.

As for huel itself, it doesnt exit the stomach any faster than solid food does, i explained this in the other topic. Food leaves the stomach at a rate of calories per second, not at a rate of “oh hey this liquid food is completely different to this chewed up mush that is also pretty liquidy”.


Basically, if you go out to drink on Huel and have the equivalent of a full meal, the main differences people would notice would be more frequent peeing(due to higher hydration levels to start with) and again, a slightly better feeling in the morning(if you overdo it, you will still feel rough though).

Obviously a lot of this will depend on your personal tolerance, your fitness level and your general health. And lets not forget, most people use huel as a way to control calories, so yes you probably will feel the effects sooner after a very specifically howevermanycalories shake than you will after a more vagyeamountofcalories meal probably followed by barsnacks :wink:

And again, it will vary person to person, for sure, and peoples opinions and experiences will always make them weirdly passionate about this, but at the end of it, youre drunk so i cant trust you on how much you have, can or will drink, thats just the barman in me talking :wink:


Hydration has nothing to do with curing or preventing hangovers either, look it up it is a myth.

Pointing out that someone is ill informed is neither rude nor going on the attack, nutrition and “digestion” have nothing to do with processing alcohol and hangovers. And I never once said huel was “not real food”, I wanted to know if it had the same adsorption rate of alcohol as solid food does, I never brought hangovers into it Tristen did when he tried to be a smartalec with his “actually hangovers are a negative effect” remark.

I got my answer which is no it does not have the same effect on alcohol adsorption as solid food.

Hi @TheClashAtKatie, welcome to the Huel forum. You’ll find this forum is usually pretty friendly and supportive, I hope you like it and also try to be as friendly and supportive as possible in return. I find it hard to believe nutrition plays no role in hangover severity/duration. Your personal experience is certainly enviable, but not evidence, imo


You sound rather ill informed to me :wink:


Fun fact: Habitually heavy drinkers tend to get milder hangovers.

Reading that again I wonder if you have the beginnings of problematic drinking because you’re missing the very obvious and far simpler solution to being in a situation where you “skip all the fun parts” and “just end up throwing up” - you simply drink less on a night out.

There’s a rather large body of science that would disagree with you. There’s no “cure” for hangovers of course, but not eating properly before/during/after alcohol will absolutely make them worse.

I’ll be super brief because I’m not convinced you’ll read this…

A 250ml glass of wine (or other alcohol) causes the body to expel 800 to 1,000ml of water. That’s interesting because frequent urination means depletion of vitamins.

Alcohol breaks down the body’s store of glycogen in the liver. Which is at least partly responsible for fatigue, weakness and lack of co-ordination the next morning.

So we’ve got two examples of alcohol consumption directly connecting to issues around the nutritional content held by and put to use by your body. It doesn’t take a rocket surgeon to realise that properly managing your nutrition before/during/after a night out is going to help.

Huel isn’t a panacea, a multivitamin and more water during is likely to help almost as much, but Huel obviously has things a multivitamin doesn’t.


All right, for whatever reason, there’s sadly no foundation for a discussion in good faith here. I’m sure there’s a context to that but I’m happy to keep out of it. Welcome to the forum, and I hope in the future you find opportunities to chat and discuss things here.

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On an empty stomach 2-3 units of alcohol will put me straight to throwing up and staggering around, the quantity has nothing to do with it.

The goal is to not throw up or stagger around, people who don’t know how to drink and don’t know how to pace themselves end up like that, thankfully I am one of the people who know how and what different alcohols affect me in what way so the only times i ended up there was by drinking 1 desperados and 1 175ml glass of red on an empty stomach.

I have absolutely no idea where you’re from but clearly recreational drinking isnt big, in my country drinking is part of the culture, going to bars and night clubs weekly with the aim to get drunk and dance is the norm, and not an early sign of problematic drinking.

“Fun parts” refers to the the different levels of drunkeness, varying from tipsy which usually leaves me giggly, a bit drunk where I the sudden confidence to dance to whatever song and to talk to random people comes. If alcohol didn’t have these effects we probably wouldnt drink it because what would be the point? Absolutely nothing I said suggests problematic drinking, i may have been bery blunt and straight to the point with you but I have not once tried to be a dick, and trying to insinuate I am in the clutches of alcoholism without any knowledge of who I am, where I come from and the role alcohol plays in my culture is infact quite rude and insulting.

All i wanted to know was wether or not huel would adsorp alcohol the same as a traditional meal, I did not ask for a lecture of hangovers because I was not interested in huels effects on hangovers, I just wanted to know wether or not I could stick to my planned 100% huel diet.

Well, drinking alcohol would break a 100% huel diet, so, simply put, no, you can’t.


Drinkinh water would also break it, so I’m pretty sure you know what I meant