Feeling dizzy right after drinking Huel


I wanted to share my experience and try to figure out the cause of the issue.

I bought 2 bags of Huel Powder v3.0 Chocolate and Vanilla flavours. I’ve taken 1 meal 2 days ago and today again. Right after and even before finishing, I feel quite dizzy. I’ve used the right sizes and even today I took less than 2 scoops, but it was the same feeling.

I’m thin and usually have a Mediterranean diet with a variety of food.

I’ve read other people having the same issue and pointed it could be related with sucralose.

A couple of years ago I took Soylent and it went fine.

I’d like to hear the input from a nutritionist.


Hey Francisco, welcome to Huel!

How long do you take to have your Huel? If you’re consuming it too quick that might be an issue.

Do you usually have your Huel on an empty stomach?

Hey Francisco, sorry to hear this. What else are you eating in the day? You aren’t only having 2 scoops of Huel are you?

We have plenty of products which have no sucralose in (Black Edition, Bars, Hot & Savoury), so it might be worth trying them to rule it out.

I take some minutes to drink Huel. However, I’ve also felt the issue while drinking without finishing up. I’ll try next time to take more time between drinks.

Regarding empty stomach, I’ve taken Huel for lunch just like any other day I have lunch.

Of course not, I’ve taken Huel for lunch and I usually have 4 meals per day.

Do you think it could be sucralose? I’ve also bought Huel Complete Protein and I haven’t felt any issues. I’ve seen it also contains sucralose but I guess it comes in much less quantity.

I don’t think it could be sucralose, many will point to sucralose as the source of an ailment because it’s less recognisable, but usually it is just something else. Have a try of some other things and let us know how you get along, really hope you can work it out with Huel :blush:

Any guess when you say something else?