Mild dizziness since taking it

Just started taking Huel, my first shake was on Wednesday tea time. I’m taking 3 x 122g Huel U/U shakes with 2 solid meals in a dinner and since Thursday morning, I’ve been getting mild dizziness every now and then…it feels like there’s a fly buzzing in my brain and it’s an odd feeling.

I don’t know whether it’s related to the Huel or whether it’s a coincidence but nothing else in my life has changed recently so has anyone else experienced this at all? I’m not taking any more or less calories than before and past couple of days I’ve been taking it relatively easy exercise wise.

Other than the mild dizziness, I’ve not had any other issues that I’ve seen reported so no bloatedness, no smelly wind or stomach cramps, etc.

I think this is huel related because I am the same way after I drink 1 shake per day for about 2 weeks. After I start getting dizzy I stop drinking huel and it takes about a month to subside.

I hope Huel can figure this out because I want to start drinking it again.

Anyone thought its the sudden reduced salt in the diet?

Sorry to hear this is an issue. Can I ask how much Huel you are having. I find that if I haven’t eaten enough then I get dizzy and it is common for new Huelers to underestimate their Huel meal - often people will have one scoop thinking that is a meal.