First week on Huel

Hi there everyone,

I’m attempting to use Huel to help me lose weight. I hate cooking but always end up overeating and need to lose at least 15lbs (ideally 20lbs). I’ve replaced one meal for the the first week and next week I’ll replace breakfast and lunch and see how I go. I enjoy the taste so no problems there but I have noticed a slight headache and weird fluttering feeling in my chest shortly after finishing my shake. That’s the only strange thing but maybe it’s just my body adjusting? Has anyone else had this side effect? I’ll try to drink more water to combat the headaches. I’ll keep going and see how I get on :slight_smile:

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Yeah I experienced this for the first couple days. It will settle down after a few days.
I found that drinking it slowly over a half hr or so was better initially - it’s a lot of nutrients to go chucking at your system in 30seconds flat!
After a few days my body was used to it and I can drink it fast as I like.
The headaches and heart racing feeling disappeared after literally a few days and I’m on day 12 now and am happily having Huel twice a day and am getting no problems.

Thanks for replying Christina! Good to know others have had this and it will likely go away. I wouldn’t say I drink my shakes too quickly but I’ll try and slow it down more and see if that helps. It’s a weird feeling and it’s taking a while to go away today. Cheers!

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I hope it does settle down for you. My feeling is it will. It’s probably just a very different diet than you’re used to (?) and a lot of vitamins and other nutrients that your body isn’t used to receiving all in one go.
I’ve known other people get a similar reaction when embarking on a detox juicing diet. They go from ‘normal’ but unhealthy eating, to suddenly drinking a pint of juiced vegetables and fruit and they get what my brother calls ‘the vegetable rocks’ i.e shaking and heart racing.
My theory (based on my knowledge of human biology) is that this sudden change in diet can be more of a ‘shock’ to the system when it’s in liquid form, as 1) you consume and digest it much faster and 2) there’s no chewing, to warn the system that all these nutrients are on the way.
After a few ‘doses’ however, the body quickly associates the taste of the drink with the rapid influx of goodness, and becomes much more efficient at processing it, and the symptoms you describe will disappear.

Let me know how it goes - I’d be interested to hear

Unless it’s just squits and shits…in which case keep it to yourself.

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