Help? I tried Huel first time and it's having a strange effect

Hi, my Huel came this morning. I am trying it out right now I’m about 3/4 finished. I suffer from anxiety. But currently it feels like as if I have just taken diazepam or a muscle relaxant but without the drowsiness. Is this normal? This is gonna sound crazy but I actually feel a bit high (or glowing, rather) right now. What is going on here?

No not normal after drinking huel.
If you suffer from anxiety could it be that with a new food? Could be be your body responding to nutrition and is happy- I swear mine does if I don’t have huel for a day.

Hey Sherry, no this isn’t normal. It could be any number of factors so I don’t want guess. There’s nothing inherently in Huel that would be causing this, particularly because you’ve consumed a relatively small amount.

Hello thanks for your responses. I feel completely fine now. My lunch-time I had the hot Mexican chilli blend and wow it is delicious. I feel full and my stomach is very loud all of a sudden… (no pain, it’s just grumbling a lot!).

I still do not feel any anxiety - like at all. Not sure why, but I’m not complaining. I feel calm.

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If you feel high, maybe you just are getting a hit of the healthiness of huel.

I just had a huel ready to drink after 8 months off huel, and I feel a bit high and happy.