Huel causing me to feel revved up/anxious?

Hello, I’m a new Huel user. I’m a 37 year old fitness freak and an avid runner, I’m very healthy and active.

I decided to try Huel as a quick pre-workout, post-workout etc. option and so far it’s been good.

However, many times, after downing 4 scoops of either the Vanilla or Unflavored , shortly afterward I feel somewhat “jangly” or revved up, mildly anxious and jittery. Even after consuming very little caffeine.

I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt, in that I got my first Huel shipment just as I was coming down with a bad cold, which makes me somewhat nervy and moody anyway but still, I’m not sure. Maybe I’m now associating the Huel with an unrelated cold that put my nerves on edge and now I’m “placebo-ing” myself into Huel= Anxiety, I don’t know. I drank 4 scoops at 11am, before my workout, felt kind of nerv-y all day…drank 4 more scoops tonite at 10pm, it’s now 1 am and I feel OK so I don’t know what’s going on.

I have one more shipment of 4 bags of Unflavored coming late this month, I will contine to use it, this is the final “test” for me. If I’m still getting that jangly feeling after another few weeks of use, I may have to part company with Huel.

It would help if any of the Huel Nutritionists could chime in and break down any ingredients that may cause any nervous system “ramping up”, maybe I’m sensitive to an ingredient, or just give me some reassurance that maybe it’s all in my head.

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This sounds like it’d be worth getting checked out with a doctor. I’ve never seen anyone complain of this on here before.

Only thing that gives me that feeling is MyPre from MyProtein.

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Looks like I’m not “compatible” with Huel…I didn’t use it today and felt like a million bucks, no anxiety, no “nerv-y” feeling, resting heart rate was lower, and I was just in a better mood and state of mind.

I think I have an allergy to something in Huel, there is no way it’s “all in my head” at this point. Oh well, I paid $90 to figure out this product isn’t for me, could be worse I guess. At least I was able to use it for 3 weeks as a breakfast, despite it’s ill effects on me.

The human body is a strange machine and all of us are different, I know a guy who has severe panic attacks after consuming Whey protein. He got checked out medically, he’s fine, after researching he found out sudden intakes of Protein, especially Whey, in some people can block certain neurotransmitters like Serotonin and cause the CNS and brain to “alert” through anxiety. Strange but true. I’ve used more protein shakes, meal replacements, etc. than I can count, never a problem. For some reason Huel flared something up in my CNS.

I have two almost empty bags I’ll just give to a coworker or something, and I cancelled my subscription. Maybe if something changes or I figure out what’s in it that’s reacting to me, I’ll be a Hueler again but for now, it’s like how it feels when you meet an attractive girl, things seem to be clicking, you like the idea of being a “couple” and she suddenly dumps you lol like, a good concept, you liked where it was going but it wasn’t to be.


“Huel meet again, don’t know where, don’t know when”…

Though when we can next expect a sunny day I couldn’t say.


Are you sure that no-one swapped out your flavour boost with amphetamines?

[it’s a joke]


Mixed feelings about this - on the one hand I’m glad you’re sparing unsuspecting visitors from your ruthless mockery, on the other, I’m sad you’ve felt the need to clarify and detract from the old deadpan delivery that works so well


Sorry about that…he appeared a bit cranky and wired…didn’t want to push him over the edge.


It’s making me anxious, angry and revved up. There’s something v weird in the orange bars. Doubtless they’ll insist it’s something wrong with me rather than the product.

I’m not sure I like your tone :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve got a new ringtone…it’s pinky brown.

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But this comes down to majority/minority.

If you reside in the latter group, i.e those who do have this issue, then it likely resides with you rather than the product. I’ve never experienced it, for what it’s worth.

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So I tried Huel for the first time today, just one scoop and felt like I was coming up on mdma, I don’t mind that feeling but wasn’t expecting it. I’m now selling Huel by the gram :wink:


This made me laugh, I got this “huel buzz” too when I started - I still get a nice feeling of wellbeing when I drink my shakes, whether that’s placebo or a real thing cos my body just loves all the goodness in huel, I don’t know… But it was a very euphoric feeling in the beginning so I know exactly what you mean! :blush:

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What is Huel replacing in your diet? Perhaps it’s not something that’s in Huel, but rather something that you’re used to that’s NOT in Huel?

Considering that you indicated consuming very little caffeine, I Googled caffeine and here is the first result showing the symptoms of caffeine withdrawal:

Common symptoms include headache , fatigue, low energy, irritability, anxiety, poor concentration, depressed mood and tremors, which can last anywhere from two to nine days.

So, maybe it’s not caffeine, but I wouldn’t be at all surprised if it was due to something else that you usually eat or drink that you are doing without when consuming Huel.

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I experience the same as you, and i posted about my experiences in this forum a few months ago. I also get very edgy and angry, it goes away after I stop huel for a few days, but then comes back within a week of restating.
it’s exactly what i experience when i take a vitamin b6 supplement, so i am almost sure it’s the B6 content in huel.

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I had this in my early transition period. Big, noticable anxiety spikes.

I attributed this to the changing gut flora - google anxiety+gut flora for references - and implemented a bunch of pro-biotics. Yoghurts, sour milk, what have you.

It passed. Long term I don’t think you’ll have any issues. Let your body get used to it.

I really dislike the insinuations on here sometimes about how it has to be you, or that somehow its something shitty that was in your old diet - it couldn’t possibly be Huel.

For what its worth, I completely get where you’re coming from. The same thing happens to me, and I think its the sucralose.

The sucralose is also what gives all Huel flavours this really artificial, teeth on edge sweetness.

Because of that, I’m switching to Feed. Some people have commented that it doesnt have as good as “nutritional profile” as Huel, but so what? We’re not bionic superhumans, I’ll take a lesser nutritional profile if it means a more natural taste and none of the jazzy mdma-ish buzziness of Huel, which I find really uncomfortable.

That’s what got me hooked.


Yea, sign me up!


Hmm, what batch was that, I definitely missed that one.