One week in, wired, anxious, angry

new huel consumer here, currently on a break as I reacted quite badly to it.
Within just a couple of days I found myself very wired, anxious and angry, initially I disregarded it but as I went through the week I recognized the symptoms and wondered if they were due to B6 in Huel (I don’t react very well to B6 supplements).
As soon as I stopped taking huel, all anger, anxiety and craziness just disappeared.

Anyone here felt very wired on Huel?

2 shakes of 3 scoops each
morning and lunchtime

Hi @azul
Were you making up the rest of your calories from other meals?
(Sorry if that’s a daft question - its just you don’t mention any other food)
If that’s all your having per day (roughly 1000 calories a day, depending on how much you pack into one scoop), you would be on a massive calorie deficit and definitely feel wired, angry and anxious.

If you were also eating other meals, and getting enough calories, maybe try having just one 2-scoop shake per day and see how you get on with that, and if you’re okay, build up from there.

Edit: Some people have suggested they react badly to sucralose and have found using the unflavoured powder better - might be worth trying that, if you’ve been on a sweetened version. Although the sucralose amount is fairly tiny. I’m someone that reacts badly to all other artificial sweeteners, and thought sucralose would be an issue, but I’ve been totally fine with all flavours of Huel. But, its worth thinking about

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I was having a normal dinner, and felt quite full all day to be honest. didn’t expect that from the fhuel shakes. it suprised me quite a bit.
I’m on the unflavoured one so, I might try to start on a much lower intake and see how it goes

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Well that rules out the low calorie theory and the sucralose theory…
But yes try just a small shake once a day for about a week and see how that goes - pretty much everyone recommends the same thing - to introduce it into your diet slowly.
Can’t hurt to try!
I hope it helps… if not, come back to the forum - I’m sure someone can help you figure out what is going on

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@JamesCollier any suggestions here? B6 looking likely?

How was your diet before huel? I think I felt a bit of withdrawal in the first couple of days from the carbs and sugar at was eating before, 1 week in and thats all gone now


@GazLFC makes a very good point.
If you’ve suddenly drastically cut down on caffeine or sugar, you will definitely get all those symptoms you’ve described for a little while - stick with the healthy diet though, if that’s the case, as sugar / caffeine withdrawal only lasts a couple of weeks and you’ll feel way better once you’re through it

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Yep, does sound a bit like going cold turkey :turkey:

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