7 Day Huel Diet - Completed

I’d been using Huel once a day for a while but decided to try it for 7 days replacing all meals.
I thought of it as a 7 Day Huel Fast!
Weighed in on Monday the first day at 87KG’s.
The following Monday I was 81KG - just shy of a full stone!
I’m not saying everyone should do it but it worked for me and I felt better in that week (aside from a couple of tough moments) than I have since going back to my usual diet and routines.
It’s also made think a lot more about what I eat in general, so all in all a great success.


Please do a follow-up post with your weight after a week back on your normal schedule!

Well done. How many shakes did you have a day and how much extra fluid did you consume?

Did you suffer with any problems such as headaches, stomach/digestion or tiredness?

I was using between 2 and 3 scoops per meal of the Vanilla flavour and the occasional tea or coffee but mostly green tea if anything.
I remember feeling quite rough waking up on the Wednesday morning and the Friday evening was hard psychologically (end of week - time for a beer etc.!).
Apart from that I felt generally lighter and with more energy.
Went training as normal during the week after work (I work from home) and wondered if I might feel weak or light headed but in fact felt like I had more energy and focus than usual.
In fact one of the main things I noticed during the week was the feeling of a clearer head.

Which was your previous diet? Could you tell us?

I’ve not really dieted before.
Followed the Fit for Life plan for a while, quite a few years ago now, and have done a few juice fasts in the past.
I think that made doing 7 days on Huel easy enough.

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