Bloadted & Dizzy

Hi, i’m having Huel for Breakfast & Lunch 5-6 days a week and eating as healthily as possibly the other times, i am realistic though, if i want something nice then i have it!!
It often makes me feel bloated and very windy on the loo and today i’m feeling slightly dizzy, has anyone else experienced this??

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Windy yes, definitely. Bloated and dizzy, no.

It’s like a hurricane in my house!
It makes me feel weird sometimes, kind of disoriented, a mate tried it but it also made him feel weird, dizzy and weak he said.

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“Weird/dizzy/weak” - good description of what I get within half an hour of drinking my shake (100g huel to 500ml water). It didn’t start until I’d been on huel for a few months, and I’m now contemplating whether to continue with my subscription.

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Luckily mine seems to have settled down now.

Yep, I drink 1 per day for a week or two and it makes me kind of dizzy. Not sure why but I had to stop drinking them which sucks

SAME exact experience. I had to cancel my subscription because I still have several bags un opened

It will make you a little gassy and have plenty of bowel movements whenever you first switch onto it because your body is adjusting to the diet change. This isn’t a bad thing and should clear up within a week or two. It will happen with any supplement you go on for an extended amount of time. HOWEVER, the dizziness shouldn’t happen. It happened to me too so I had to stop drinking it.

All of these side effects, for me, eventually went away after about 6 months of usage. Over a year on, I’m still using Huel for my work-day lunch.

The newer blend 2.3 is even better still.