Drunk on a huel diet

Actually no, water is empty calorie-wise, whilst alcohol is not, same with juices, sodas etc. I’m on a 100% huel diet and i only drink water. Alcohol would be an additional on top on huel, water not so much.


Im talking foods not liquid, as a once a week night shouldnt ruin the calorie deficiency I would be running on all week

I nearly threw up in my mouth reading that. If your goal is not to throw up, strange drink choices.


My friends bought them for me, we do a round system but its also like a gamble cause you never what they’re going to buy. Not a fan of the red tbf

A round system where buyer chooses drinks?


I’m just saying, if you wanted to be 100% huel, alcohol would break that. Personally i have a bad relationship with alcohol also so i have reasons for not wanting to include it, however, if you’re going to add alcohol as an exception, it would seem that you could easily add snacks, meals, a whole rack of ribs if you wanted. Alcohol isn’t a necessity and it can be a lot easier and healthier to cut it out, i’m not telling you you should, but at the same time, if you want to go 100% huel, then proceeding to go out and get drunk would negate some of the positives, right?

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This… sounds like an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, and drinking for drinkings sake. A healthy relationship would be you having a drink you enjoy, at your choice, would it not?


Yes, it’s a fun gamble gives us all a little giggle at each others expense, light hearted banter. But we all learned our lesson that night about mixing drinks and tend to stick to spirits, less chance of upsetting the stomach if you have a rum followed by a gin

Its just banter, gives us a giggle the same as watching your friend take a really strong tasting or sour shot. We generally have a rule now where we stick to either pints or spirits or wine now.

Not unhealthy its just a laugh my guy.

Also I’m using huel more to cut crap and junk food out and have set meals rather than not eating all day till well after dinner time then gorging on fatty fast foods. I have mo particularly goal other than to break out of that unhealthy habit

The goal is to get fucked up, just not too early. Mature British drinking habits I have observed before.

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I know the way, ex-alcoholic, from 12 years old, good old British drinking culture :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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cough Scottish cough

But yes you understand! You want a steady pace and a continuous streamline level of ideal drunkness, nobody wants to be worshipping the porcelain god at all let alone shortly after starting

I am sorry you had an unhealthy relationship, it must have been difficult

Being foreign I am able to socialise and dance like a tit with or without it and find the culture here bizarre around alcohol.

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Still absolutely is but being on huel 100%, a lot of meds and a healthy dose of anhedonia helps get through the day :stuck_out_tongue:

But going back to the topic at hand, as i said, huel is a meal, and will work that way, your tolerance shouldnt be affected by the amount of huel in your system, as long as you have the same amount as you would a regular meal. The only difference would be the time it takes for the alcohol to mix into the food, but that should be mostly negligible

It’s all I’ve known, Scots are quite sociable with or without the alcoholic lubricant, I don’t know how periodic binge drinking became such a huge part of out culture, maybe it came from the irish culture traits imbedded in

I think I will stick to solid foods before a night out, I once ate a whole tub of icing before drinking and that had the same effect as drinking on an empty stomach (all be it it was casual drinks so I didnt end up a mess just a lot drunker in a shorter space of time than planned). Solid food seems a safe bet

I think the icing sugar might be less “absorbent” when it comes to alcohol than huel, but i cant comment without the looking at the tub :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Idk man I just took from that lesson anything soft is not suitable predrink food

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I think personally it depends on its make up and how calorie dense it is, huel is, like i say, kinda easy to mistake as more of a drink but it is more like, going out on a blended burger or something i suppose, it digests the same way and mixes with alcohol the same way, you just cut out the chewing part in your mouth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: