Huel V3 vs Black Edition - Heading off tomorrow's hangover

Recently bought a bag of Black Edition, and now I’m curious… I usually drink a couple of scoops of Huel before passing out, which seems to help. The two editions seem pretty different, so what’s better for heading off a hangover?

  • Huel V3
  • Black Edition
  • Either / no difference
  • Neither / drink less / chug a beer tomorrow morning

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P.S. I’m several timezones ahead of most of you. Not daydrinking lol.

Better off with 2 pints of water and then a packet of Dioralite to be honest mate.

When it’s a really big one I used to use two packets, spaced within one hour.

Thanks for the advice. I’m not familiar with that brand. Maybe it’s because I’m an American? Or maybe because I’ve been away from home for so long I don’t know… I’m half joking/half serious about my question.

btw I don’t post on the American forum because I’m an expat in Asia (I was receiving the same formula as the UK when I signed up).

My end-of-night relievers include:

  • japanese energy/vitamin drink
  • (fresh) ginger tea
  • lots of water
  • dried fish (very salty), a local snack
  • double scoop of Huel + water

So, I eat and drink a lot before heading to bed. Was just curious if anyone would say one of the Huels is better for hangovers. My guess is I’ll still feel like s**t when I wake up regardless. I probably drink too much.

To avoid hangovers just drink all day every day. Works for me.


Heh! Technically that works.

If you consume something that is high in fats about 1-2 hours before drinking the side effects will be less. Haven’t tried it, but in theory that helps most.
Plus you have to drink a lot of water, breathe fresh cold air and avoid sugar and NSARs like aspirine.

Or just don’t drink.

I restrict myself to two 330ml cans and I’m always good to do my pressups and sit-ups evclery morning.

that said, I remember about 26 years ago I had just finished a course and the offficer’s mess in Blandford Forum had beams across it.

Anyway we did really well only to be told the next morning at about 06:00 that we were up against the German infantry who had been practicing for weeks to come up against the Royal Marines commando.

We lost, spectacularly.

On penalties of course :wink:

Theoretically Black Edition should be better than v3 due to the higher fat content. Fat slows the absorption of alcohol - but it works only if you have it beforehand and not in the morning afterwards. At least according to the theory. Another trick is having motion sickness relief tablets before sleeping.
Haven’t tried it myself, though…
The morning after you should drink lots of water.
If nothing helps try to sleep so that you don’t suffer that much under your hangover. If you can’t sleep you might consider taking an antihistamine.

carbs-n-water so V3 definitely (even though I’m #TeamBlack). keep it light and simple on the stomach.

Fat prevents the absorption of alcohol if consumed in advance, because it is absorbed into the tissue via diffusion which is prevented if it is bound to fat.

" Since the alcohol can’t move into the small intestine immediately, this slows the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream considerably. In fact, a fatty meal can reduce the peak blood alcohol concentration](BAC) up to 50% relative to that produced when alcohol is consumed on an empty stomach."

( https://,when%20alcohol%20is%20consumed%20on%20an%20empty%20stomach )

Ok so let’s not mess about with pseudoscience.

Simple facts are that if you take in too much alcohol it leaves you depleted of a variety of resources, most importantly water as there are a variety of mechanisms, many of which we cannot yet fully understand which cause what we know as a hangover.

Obviously the perfect solution is not to drink but if you are going to drink then ensuring a decent reuptake of both water as well as essential salts and sugars is going to minimise the impact.

Med students in the US get shouted at and threatened with expulsion, not because they are taking in loads of fat but because they are giving one another drips when they’ve had a big night out.

As I mentioned earlier, the answer in layman’s terms is to take a rehydrating powder with a pint of water before you sleep. If you wake up to pee then drink the same again after you pee.

Or just don’t drink that much. But as a crusty old 45 year old I do appreciate that’s not always as easy as it sounds. Just stay safe out there folks.

Drinking lots of water seems quite intuitive to me, everybody wants to get rid of the bad aftertaste. And everybody knows that dehydration is the most common cause of headaches. And no hangover without headaches…but maybe I am wrong and this is not intuitive for everyone.

Of course abstinence would be the best solution. But as I understood it that was not in question…