Astroturfing Thread #2

Really sorry to hear this! Having read this thread and seeing that you tolerate the v3.1 Powder okay, there could perhaps be an ingredient in the Black Edition that doesn’t agree with you? The green tea extract or the probiotics perhaps?

I’m keen to support you further and sort out those extra bags you no longer want - if you haven’t already, please could you reach out to us directly at and pop ‘FAO Amy’ in the headline so that it comes my way? Thank you :black_heart:

Amy mentions green tea extract; it makes me terribly dizzy and feel just weird with even the tiny amount in tea, I have to avoid it completely. If it’s in black and not white then it could be worth exploring.

Sorry to hear that, Bertie :pensive: To confirm, green tea extract is currently only used in our Black Edition products (including Black Edition RTD) and Daily Greens.

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