Possible Intolerance/allergy?


So I love Huel, it’s been my go to for breakfast for a good while now, however for years I’ve been swearing that something I eat is causing me weird issues. (Often in the morning feeling like my blood is super thick, feel my pulse all over my body and really tired).

So I’ve been eating just rice and boiled veg for a couple of weeks and introducing things back into my diet. The two times I’ve tried my usual 3 huel scoops with a banana I’ve become super lethargic and my right eye has felt really aichy like I need a nap.

I’m on the gluten free stuff but have no known allergies.

What could be causing me to feel like this? What’s the most common allergin in the latest formula?


Hi @Andrew.trace

Thanks for the feedback.

Are there any other foods that you feel have been causing you ‘weird issues’ if you’ve been feeling like this for years?

Are you sure that you’re only experiencing this in your right eye and not your left too?

In Gluten-Free Huel there are none of the main allergens


So I’ve been doing more self research, I decided to keep an eye on my blood glucose levels, I thought that my negative morning symptoms may have been low blood glucose. It turns out I have quite high fasting blood glucose.

From my home blood checks I’m growing increasingly convinced that I’m pre diabetic or even diabetic.

So my hunch now is that perhaps what with huel being so quick to get down me and adding a banana or two and lots of berries, perhaps it’s just mega spiking my blood sugars and causing this eye pressure and tiredness.

I’m now switching to a low carb, high fat diet to see how things change. My blood levels are getting lower and wierdly the opposite eye occasionally now feels pressure. I feel a little scared but at the same time I’ve been off top form for years and knowing it might be all down to blood glucose at least gives me some answers possibly.

I’m sure I’m not too far gone to be able to turn things around with the right diet and exercise.