New to Huel. ~2 weeks. Want to share my observations

Hi there :slight_smile:

I want to share few of my observations on huel, some seems strange for me, but I feel much much better after I started using huel, using it for almost 2 weeks mostly without any other food ( I am laaaazy). I am eating 5-6 times a day - 3 spoons (included in package) with 0.6l water. Whenever I have time and apetite for normal food I am doing it, so there is no special diet ( I am simply laaaaaazy).

  1. at first I got strange sensation on my skin, similar to tingling but calmer and longer
  2. my sinuses cleansed (lot came out from my nose at first and second day), and it stayed that way what makes me happy
  3. I have a huge appetite for salt, I need salt, and after I eat something salty I am starting to feel even better
  4. diarrhea - yeah, strong one, every morning, much stronger after evenings with beer or whisky.
  5. skin is cleaner and toned
  6. lost 2.5kg - 96kg to 93.6kg
  7. I feel much lighter
  8. gym - I raised my weights this week by 2.5-5kg, and I was able to finish all series with it - what was mostly problematic before - in most cases I was running out of energy in the middle.
  9. no more pot belly, now it is flat, no gases so far.

10. my libido raised :slight_smile:

I was asking people who have bigger knowledge than mine, about sinuses, skin sensations and why I raised weights. Got few answers like:

  • with Huel I am receiving more ingredients I wasn’t able to get with normal food/diet
  • I have some kind of allergy with normal food
  • I am eating more and more regular, so it triggered my metabolism.

Anyone have any additional ideas?

(sry for my english :P)


Hey @wojak
Great to hear you are doing so well
I really love your approach - no special diet just eat when your hungry !

My thoughts is that perhaps you have an intolerance to dairy.
Dairy intolerance can cause skin problems (spots or rash or excema or dryness - different for everyone)
It can also cause a lot of congestion not only in the sinuses but also bloating especially in the legs and belly. And gas
This could be why your problems have cleared now you are consuming mainly huel (assuming you haven’t been adding dairy).
Wheat intolerance can also cause similar effects.
Or it could simply be a general unhealthy diet with sugar, additives, preservative, msg, soya etc all causing small issues for you.

Maybe try introducing foods back into your diet slowly and see which ones create the old symptoms. Start with things that are unlikely to cause a reaction (and are healthy!): brown rice, fresh vegetables, unprocessed foods.

As for the digestive upset you’re experiencing now, this is very common with a sudden change of diet and increase in fibre.
It may settle down, or you may need to reduce your huel intake to just one shake a day and build up to your 6 a day more slowly.


Thank you.

Yes it may be wheat intolerance, I was suspecting it some time ago and it makes perfect sense.
As wheat was in my everyday diet products, for 2 weeks I am no longer buying breakfasts and in home I am not using such products.

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Hi there, welcome to Huel! It’s great to hear that you’re loving Huel.

Just on point 4 we recommend that when you start your Huel diet, you first try replacing 1 meal with Huel, and then after a while (approx. 5-7 days) you could progress to replacing 2 of your daily meals (and then 3, 4, etc. if you want to go 100% Huel). This will allow your body to slowly adjust to Huel.

If you switch from one diet e.g. vegan to paleo, you can experience flatulence and irregular bowel movements, tiredness and/or cravings, etc. It’s not that the diet is bad it’s due to changes in the gut’s microbiome based on their new food source.


I always put salt in my huel, like 2 pinch of himalaya salt