Sick from recent batches of HUEL

So I’ve read through numerous of the “sick from Huel” posts on this forum, but wanted to post my issues in case there was a bad batch, or a recent change in the ingredients that may be a contributor to my issues.
Last year I purchased two bags of Gluten Free Huel, and regularly consumed it as a meal replacement one to two times a day. I loved it, and had no adverse problems besides a little bit of gas. Once the bags were gone, I set up a subscription, and upon getting my first two bags (November?) I started getting horrible abdominal pain, cramps, diarrhea, and bloating. It was severe enough that I took several days off work and incurred some medical bills by seeing my doctor and being referred to a ultrasound and CT scan. Reading this forum, I saw that someone else had experienced something similar and solved the problem by switching to the Gluten Free version, which prompted me to check my bags. Sure enough, when I started my subscription, I had selected the normal Huel instead of the Gluten Free version I had been using. Thinking this was the problem, I changed my subscription and was shipped new bags of Gluten Free Huel. As soon as I started using it, all the same symptoms came back, and I can not consume the product any longer. I do not understand why my two bags from last year were fine, and two different bags in late 2018 would cause such different physical results. Its infuriating because I really liked the product. Any insight from other consumers would be appreciated in hopes that this can be resolved.

Please contact the helpdesk at with the batch numbers and your experience.

Hey Brian, I see that you have dropped us an email and that you are in touch with Teresa. I’ll let her sort this out for you but obviously sorry to hear it’s not going too well for you with Huel.