New batch? New recipe? Stomach issues

I have used Huel on and off for years, no problems before. I have been having one large shake a day for months, sometimes two, without issue. But now my most recent batch of chocolate flavour is giving me upset stomach and stomach ache, even when I only have a single scoop shake.

I took a few days off Huel and my stomach was fine, first day back on it and my stomach is upset again. Is there a way to check recipe changes across batches?

I also have a brand new bag and I am tempted to open that and see if it was maybe just a weird batch? I really want to continue with Huel but I don’t want to feel ill every day!

Anyone else experiencing similar, now or previously? Would love to hear advice or reassurance.

Hey, this is quite odd as there has been no recipe changes since December. I’m sorry I don’t have any helpful suggestions. Have you tried any other batches or flavours?

I have been having this lately too. I opened a new bag of chocolate and my stomach hasn’t been brilliant since. Maybe there is a bad batch code?

Best thing you can do is mail customer service with the:

  • Batch number
  • Best before date
  • Order number

explaining the issues - they will advise on what to do, but if they need to investigate further, they will probably need you to return the actual product for testing.

I also just received a new order of chocolate and have been have bad stomach pains too. Can you please advise?

The only thing of which I remember that it was new was Tapioca Starch - can’t imagine that it causes problems, though…

Hey Dan,

I took a couple of days off and now I have opened a new bag of mint choc chip, which seems not to be causing too many problems - but I am increasing amounts today so will see how I get on and report back.

Thanks for the update Jay.

Do you have the batch code for that chocolate bag that said have you stomach problems? Want to see if it’s the same as mine at all. I have just finished a chocolate huel and not feeling brilliant. I had a vanilla one earlier this morning and was fine.