Stomach pains


I have been using huel for around two months now and I have been having the chocolate shakes for breakfast and lunch. I have lost weight and felt better in general however the last batch that was delivered to me is causing me some real stomach upsets. Because I haven’t had an issue before I think it may be a bad batch? Around half an hour after I have had the Huel I get a horrid hollow feeling in my stomach followed by a rumbling stomach nausea and general stomach pain. It’s getting me down and I feel like stopping using it altogether. I have not had a problem with the hot and savoury that I have eating for lunch sometimes either.

Is anyone else having this issue ?

Super sorry to hear this! Be sure to drop us an email at and the Customer Experience team will be more than happy to chat about why this could be and resolve for you. :blush:

Try drinking your huel slower-I get a bad stomach if I drink it fast,but I’m fine if I have it over 60-90 minutes

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