My take on H&S Pasta bolognese as an Italian

So, as an Italian, I was a bit worried to try out the Pasta alla Bolognese flavour for the H&S.

After trying it today (with the cold water + microwave option), I have to say that taste-wise, they NAILED it. I ate a proper pasta (homemade pasta) with homemade ragù just yesterday and I was impressed by the similarity of the taste that they achieved. I forgot to add some parmesan cheese on top of it since I didn’t bring it with me to the office, but that wouldn’t have been necessary at all, it’s bundled already in the flavour.

On the other side, texture-wise, they’re not there at all. Since they’re not using meat, it’s really hard to emulate the texture of different sizes of the bits of ragù that you get in the “original” recipe. I was missing that bit while eating, but it wasn’t a big deal after all, since the taste was completely there.

I really appreciated the meal and I’m looking forward to trying it with some added vegetables in the next rounds, to give it a bit more volume and perhaps emulate a bit better the texture as well. Do any of you have any recommendations of what vegetables I could add to it to emulate the texture better?


THANK YOU :it: :pinched_fingers:

So great to hear this thorough review and that you think it’s tasting spot on! For something which can be rustled up in an office microwave we are pretty damn pleased!

Your suggestions around texture are really interesting and I’ll be sure to pass them on. Although I have no idea if traditional, I usually include small pieces of carrot and celery, along with onion of course, when I make a ragu. I wonder if our NPD wizards could do this to add more texture!


That would surely improve the texture, but it would still miss the mince texture, which I believe it’s hard to replicate without actual mince! :slight_smile: