Bolognese and Mexican chilli

Hey everyone!

Yesterday I had my first try of pasta bolognese and what can I say, not only is it a new favourite of mine, but my partner who is notoriously fussy absolutely loved it!

As I type now, I sit looking mournfully at my empty bowl which for a very brief moment contained Mexican chilli. I wasn’t sure what I expected from this one, but I didn’t expect to love it as much as I did! So much so, I plan to go out and buy some taco shells tonight so I can have it for tea at some point! At 400 calories a portion I’d say I can even afford a little cheese sprinkling on top!

So far I’ve loved every flavour of hot and savoury I’ve had:

Mac and Cheeze
Cajun Pasta
Chick’n and Mushroom Pasta
Pasta Bolognese
Mexican Chilli

Looking forward to trying all the other flavours (and some of the combinations people have suggested, chilli mac and cheese I’m looking at you!)

Can’t wait to see what you come up with next keep up the good work!

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Are the flavours in the order you’d taste them? If not, what’s your rating on them?

Strangely enough, though unintentionally, I have listed them in the order I tried them… I really struggle to give ratings but I’ll give it a go! (also I never give 10/10s I’m not even 100% sure why, I think it’s just I know there’s always a chance something will be better).

Mac and cheeze - 8/10
This one was my favourite of the first batch of h&s I got, I do like to season (though not really needed) a little with a garlic and chilli salt grinder I have, occasionally some chilli powder / paprika / black pepper. Its a fairly versatile base so you can tweak it to taste, although you do have to like that vegan cheese flavour or it won’t be for you.

Cajun Pasta - 8/10
Really tasty and I love that it has a mild kick to it, I sometimes add a little of the cajun powder to the mac and cheeze which is a nice little variant.

Chick’n and mushroom - 7/10
Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Chick’n and Mushroom pasta, the only reason it’s a 7 and not an 8 would be I do feel like it needs some extra seasoning to pull some of the flavour out.

Pasta Bolognese - 9/10
I think they nailed this one, like I said my partner loves it and that’s no mean feat, and I’d be prefectly happy having this for a full evening meal (I currently only do huel shake for breakfast and h&s for lunch with a home cooked meal for tea)

Mexican Chilli - 9/10
Again, loved it, wasn’t sure what the texture would be like having only tried the pastas previously, but was pleasantly surprised! I really like that there are a few different textures to it and the flavour is absolutely gorgeous with a nice hint of spice. Another one I’d be happy to have as an evening meal (bring on the tacos!).


Thanks for sharing this, I was more curious about having them in a most-loved-to-least-loved order, not a review in such details; but I appreciate the effort!
I noticed you did review the flavour on every one of them, but not a single word has been said about the texture, any feedback on that (e.g.: I feel like the Pasta Bolognese lacks the texture that real mince would give it)?

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Ahh I see, my misunderstanding! In most loved to least loved now I’d have to go:

Pasta bolognese
Mexican chilli
Cajun pasta
Mac and Cheeze
Chick’n and mushroom

Though there isn’t a single one I’d say I didn’t like.

I agree that the bolognese for example is missing that meat texture, however I’ve kind of accepted that as a trade off for them being vegan and didn’t really expect this texture to have been recreated. I find the bolognese sauce is lovely and rich, and don’t doubt I could easily fry up a little mince myself to add if l wanted this as my main meal.

That being said, I do think they managed to somewhat create a slight chicken texture in the Chick’n and mushroom, since it’s a softer texture, personally I’d love bigger chunks of mushroom to get that nice mushroomy crunch, but I appreciate fitting everything into the scoop in the right quantities has to be taken into consideration.

My expectations were more of a pasta with sauce type experience on the whole, which I think they delivered beautifully.

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The Huel team taking a massive win here! Thanks for the detailed review. You’ll love Chilli Mac, surely that’s got to happen for lunch today?

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I’d love to love it, but Mexican Chili is causing me problems :frowning:

Honestly I was wondering which to have for lunch today! Chilli Mac it is!

I actually find my self excited for lunch like I haven’t been for a long time! It’s been such a hassle, specially when calorie counting.

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You weren’t wrong! The combo is absolutely :ok_hand:

I’d even go as far to say now Mexican chilli is my favourite flavour so far, closely followed by bolognese.

When we were about to release Mac & Cheeze our American team were shouting from the rooftops about Chilli Mac and I had never heard of this combo or seen it in the UK. It was so good when I tried it! Glad you think so too!

:frowning: this sucks, obviously read the post you shared and just sorry we can’t get to the bottom of it :pray: Thank goodness there’s a few other flavours you love!