Mixing Hot & Savory

So I been having Huel Hot and savoury for over a year now for my lunch.

I was quite exited when I saw the new Mac & cheeze. But the disappointment was big…

A froze dried vegan Mac and Cheeze with a Z… Shouldn’t be a surprise.

But then came the jewel…

Mixing the Mac and cheeze with Madras or Mexican chili delivers a very nice meal. So Thats what I have been doing now for the last months.

It rounds the flavours, and creates a kind of cheesy creamy curry… Well recomended.


nice tip. something I’ll def try

Yeah, I agree the disappointment was great with me as well, it is more like an instant congealed soup than real food.
The H&S is still in development I suppose.
It would be better if Huel focused on their firm food branch as well in improving texture and authenticity to the real dish.
Nutritionally complete food is still in its infancy, I suppose, so it will be mostly slushes and overpriced bars

Oh, Interpolo, you must be making the Huel team blush with all your compliments :smiling_face:


I love the Mac and cheeze- I think it tastes like quavers! I did try mixing with Cajun pasta and wasn’t keen, might try the Mexican combo next delivery tho!

I LOVE Mac & cheese with Thai curry, such a good combo! I feel like Mac & cheese is such a good base. :smiley: good with Madras as well!


I am not keen on the mac n cheese so looking for additions. Has anyone tried the other meals? I would never have chose the mac n cheese but it came with the bundle. Its not horrible but not flavourful either. Do you think huel can change the bundle to a mix and match that would be wayy better I tried the mix and match but it seamed more expensive.

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I think the best seller bundle contents changes from time to time to whatever the best sellers are at that point. With the pastas, I always add some black pepper and a bit of parmesan half way through the standing time and mix it in - really helps the flavour IMHO.

Thanks I will keep an eye on it.

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Thanks for the tip!

Chikn and mushroom is really tasty.
I do like sweet and sour too.
My son love cajun pasta and I find it too much heat for me

I just tried mixing madras and korma, I really like it

I like the korma with added onions. The sweet and sour is not bad but missing something. Not a mushroom fan so avoided that dish.

I find they all are a little nicer with some seasoning. Salt, pepper, chilli sauce… people here have been adding msg

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How do you do this? Cook them before or just chop and add them raw?

Cook them before with a bit of oil and salt. It gives it texture and a bit more flavour

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