My first Mac and Cheeze

Just tried it the moment the parcel arrived from DPD, it tastes good, texture is spot on, thought it does feel like it’s missing something in the flavour department, though compared to real Mac and Cheese it is probably unhealthy amounts of fat and salt.

But it is great, I will be buying more in future.

Also on a side note, I don’t remember Banana Huel 3.0 beng as good as it is, I remember it being slightly behind vanilla is flavour, but in my few years away I feel like it has been improved, and now sits slightly higher than Vanilla for me now, both exceptional flavours. Will be 2/2 each month with them for a while.

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I enjoyed Mac n Cheez very much, but even more with a sprinkle of chilli powder, & black pepper is good too. A bit of extra tickle for the taste buds.

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I am already adding chilli powder to my Madras, so I might not go immediately to chilli, but black pepper seems reasonable.

Mac and Cheeze is one of my favourites and it definitely has less salt and fat than the one I used to make myself :smiley:

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Black pepper makes a massive difference (in a good way).

Woop! Had a feeling you would like the Mac & Cheeze. Do pimp it up though, add some toppings, some extra flavours. So much you can do!

When was the last time you had Banana powder? If it was only when you could get the flavour boost then that would explain it. The FB is very different to the preblend powder, it tastes more like a banana milkshake. Whereas the Powder is meant to taste more like you blended a banana into Huel Vanilla!

I couldn’t agree more, I too have posted similar feedback in the last week.

A crack of pepper and 3 tablespoons of nutrional yeast and a pinch of garlic powder helps in the flavor department :smiley:

As a new Huel customer I tried my first Mac and Cheeze yesterday. Honestly, it was a big challenge to eat it. It tastes like molten, liquid plastic. Really awful, I could not find any connection to what a real Mac and Cheeze tastes.

Perhaps I did something wrong or got a bad batch?

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Ah man, Mac and Cheeze no good? It’s interesting to see, but there does seem to be a bit of a split of opinion on it, just from reading comments on adverts as well as here.

I would be interested to know whether the cohort of people who like it are a higher proportion vegan. I agree it doesn’t taste like a regular Mac & Cheeze, but I do think it’s darn close!

Interestingly, I was at a Tex-Mex restaurant the other day and order the mac and cheeze side (I’m not a vegan), and the Huel one would have knocked this out the park. Consistency was good, but no flavour whatsoever.

edit: realise that was a pretty ambitious use of the word “interestingly”, that was not an interesting sentence.

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I’m not a vegan, and I LOVE cheese, and I find the cheese okay, compare it to traditional “Kraft” branded Mac and Cheese and it’s similar I think, though if you compared it to a Mac and CHeese with really good cheese it will fall short, obviously.

I still think there is a portion of the flavour profile missing in the Mac and Cheeze, but I can’t think what it is, a little something that makes it seem a little artificial, which is missing there in Kraft boxes too, I think I found out what it is, I think it needs a little more creaminess?or stickiness in texture,

I’m going to finish my bag, because I actually love it and will be ordering more regardless, but I will keep you updated on my findings.

Okay, 4 days of Mac and Cheeze later, it has taken the top spot for me, beating out Madras, I don’t need to add anything to it and whatever flavour issues I had I just got used to.

I love this.


When I have Mac and Cheeze I often like to put in some chunks of tinned spam or some lean corned beef to boost the flavour and vary the texture in the bowl.

Huel mac n cheese tastes nothing like Mac n cheese. I can eat it mixed 50/50 with mexican chili but not on its own.

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I agree. Regular Mac & Cheese is reliably disgusting. Huel Mac n Cheez on the other hand I found really tasty. Go figure!

Correction: it obviously does taste very much like regular Mac & Cheese, but it’s still better. imho.

Of course ‘regular Mac & Cheese’ describes the whole range from gourmet to economy, so any comparison is moot.

For me Huel is regular Mac and Cheese - I eat it at least 3 times a week - normally seated at an occasional table.

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Huel: Keeps You Regular.

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This. I said this out loud of FB, Huel reps got in touch and refunded me for that bag. Kudos to customer success folks!

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We do what we can :blush:

I like the M&C
I have actually just had some for my evening meal and went basic powder and water but I have also been adding bacon (I’m not vegan) or sprouts or broccoli and have enjoyed it each time