Not Mac and cheeze

Rank. Tastes like dish water. Seriously boring. You’d get more flavour from eating wall paper.
Don’t buy it guys.

After my first try I agreed with you.

I went back for a 2nd and though ok I can tolerate it, it’s not so bad.

After my 3rd I actually liked like and finished off the whole bag.

I’ve just had a large order with loads of H&S and this is the first bag I reached for!! I love it. :crazy_face:


I wouldn’t say it’s much different from a Mug Shot, other than it tastes a bit better than a Mug Shot, and the ratio of Water to “food” is better in the Huel cups.

You get what you pay for. Any dried food you add hot water (like a pot noodle) isn’t gonna taste like the Real alternative.

It’s not super tasty and I think it’s alright.
I agree with Bill, I found it got better on my second and third tries.
Try adding a bit of black pepper, I found it helps

I put it to the test…wallpaper wasn’t that great, and I nearly died from anaglypta shock*

*I agree the joke wasn’t as funny written down as I thought it would be.


Haha, the craziness in here. I replaced all my other hot and savoury with Mac n cheese. I love it!


I love it. It’s my favourite H&S.


This is hardly the most objective viewpoint to come in with :roll_eyes: many are loving the Mac & Cheeze. Try, “I think it tastes rank, I think it tastes like dishwater - you might think different.”

However if you think it’s lacking some flavour, try adding a bit of salt and pepper, I’m sure that will sort it out for you!

Its gone from my least to most favourite pretty quickly. I actually always look forward to a Mac N Cheeze day, I didn’t expect chilli to be overtaken!

It’s my favourite too, but I find mixing it with wallpaper paste instead of salt and pepper makes for an even more banging meal.


I don’t think the mac and cheeze is for me, its left a horrible after taste in my mouth. The korma on the other hand is absolutely delicious and would recommend it to anyone wanting to try the hot and savoury range.

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That’s why making recommendations on taste is so difficult. It’s my favourite of the H&S, yet korma is second from bottom (after sweet and sour).


Im the same, its all personal choice at the end of the day.

I will say that it took a few M&C before I started to really like it. Have changed my larger container from Chilli which I didn’t think could be beaten to M&C and that says a lot!

Is it better than normal M&C? no but never did I think I would really love a Vegan alternative.

I’ve only ever had a vegan mac and cheese, never tried a dairy based one. Maybe that helps me - because I’m used to that sort of thing.

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honestly, when I added a little black pepper to it and some cashew parmesan, it totally killed that faint coconut aftertaste and was really pretty close. Yeah probably not a patch on a traditional baked one but as you say much better than you would imagine.

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Each to their own, I personally love the Mac & Cheeze and it’s my absolute favourite Hot & Savoury by far.

Interestingly though I don’t actually like Mac & Cheeze generally speaking (the real kind, not talking about Huel right now). So I was surprised I liked Huel’s version considering that.

Maybe it’s a good Mac & Cheeze for people who don’t actually like Mac & Cheeze normally? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hold up, about to update our adverts! :laughing: Glad you love it, this is awesome to hear! It feels so indulgent to eat it for lunch but then you remember it’s Huel! :raised_hands:

I tell you, some of the other flavours I have got bored of however, M&C is the only one now that I genuinely can’t wait to have. I am trying not to have it daily just in case but I am excited for the lunch times I do break it open.


Same here. In fact my last order was brought forward before the price increase, and it was just 3 bags of M&C. Haven’t even touched the one bag of MC I got last time.

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