Korma H&S - your thoughts?

I am going to make my first H&S order today but wondered what your thoughts are on Korma - is it decent? I don’t hear much discussion around it. Thinking of getting Mac & cheese, Thai green curry, Mexican chilli and korma

Some like it, some don’t. It’s not for us to advise. It’s one of my least favourites. Second from bottom.

I don’t like it. Just doesn;t work, I mixed it with something else to use it up and it was ok

I like it. It’s not spicy but I buy regularly. Just don’t add too much water. I would say my top 3 are Thai green curry - Mac n Chez and Korma.

I love it, hope that helps :wink:

Obviously everyone feels differently, but it’s my least favourite. The flavour made me feel queasy, though I liked the raisins/sultanas (I’ve forgotten which).

I like the Korma just have to take out the sultanas as they don’t agree with me.

Argumentative little bugger aren’t they?


I love it, but I cannot stand mac & cheese.

I add a bit of lime pickle to it to give a bit of a kick. I have a place for all huels, but Korma is near the bottom. Madras with mango chutney and lime pickle (it adds heat and a real food flavour) is not only my favourite huels, but one of my favourite meals. Followed closely by Mac n cheese with Tomato Ketchup.
These 2 huels I look forward to, the others I have not yet found the magic ingredient to make them as exciting as they could be.

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It tastes good, but to make it thick you have to add a lot less water, so the volume is less than some of the other flavours, which means it’s not as filling.

It’s my favourite flavour. By quite a margin. At some point last year they seem to have made it a bit creamier in taste, so I ended up liking it even more.

Mac n cheez tastes like vomit to me; Thai green curry is very nice but too hot for me; Mexican chilli is even better but also way too hot for me; Sweet & Sour is just weird; and Tomato & herb is bland. I have high hopes for one of the two new flavours (arrived today), but I suspect that Cajun pasta will ALSO be way too hot for me.

So for the last twelve months my lunches have been almost exclusively Korma. I’d have given up on Huel H&S if it wasn’t for that.

FWVLIW, I find it more filling if I eat the two scoops over the course of about an hour. If I eat it all in just a few minutes, five hours later I’m ravenous.

And my prep tip is a food flask. I add boiling water to the flask an hour or two before I want to eat and give it a shake. Might give it a stir (and possibly a top up) a few minutes before mealtime, then it always comes out pretty perfect.

Except Mac n cheez - that always comes out pretty horrible, I ended up mixing my bag with the too-hot Chilli, and the too-bland Tomato & herb, and ended up getting something that I could actually eat, but I’m glad I only ever bought the one bag :frowning:

I like it! If you like it more spicy, just add spice . I often add some veggies, tofu or Chicken and treat it like a base to add on to.

Your mix of Mac and Cheeze, Tomato and Herb and Mexican Chilli is unorthodox but I love it! Also, welcome to the Huel team!

Slightly more orthodox is to add a scoop of each of these together. You’ll find it the right spiciness I think but with all the tastiness of Mexican Chilli!

Tomato & Herb mixed with Mexican Chilli was still to hot for me I’m afraid (that’s the first thing I tried).

Tried my first Cajun Pasta. Two observations - first, it’s the tastiest yet (and I thought that Mexican Chilli was ace), and second its ALSO too hot for me :frowning:

Chick’n Mushroom today.

Chick/n Mushroom was edible, but with a distinct “carpet underlay” overtone.

The good news is that a scoop of Cajun Pasta and a scoop of Chick’n Mushroom was neither too hot nor to carpety. Not Korma levels of goodness, but a reasonable alternative.

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