Mixing H&S with a different H&S


are there any reasons (apart from the taste) you should not mix, say, Green Thai Curry with Korma?

Nope. I’ve not mixed those two but have mixed various others. Not sure that Thai green curry and berry powder was the best mind you

I used up the sweet and sour I didn’t like with Madras, and tomato with Mexican.


The other day there were about 3 pouches in HQ which had less than a scoop left in them. Korma, TGC and T&H so I just put them all together. I can’t say it was delicious, but it was fine. I think mixing 2 flavours is good and can be complimentary. But 3 flavours created a generic flavour which was fine but not great.

Korma and Madras goes lovely, the korma cools the Madras down a little and adds a little more texture 1:1 ratio


Definitely! I go 1:2 with Tomato & Herb + Madras. Awesome combo!

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I’ve mixed Tomato & Herb with Mexican Chilli to use up the former and it just tasted of the chilli really. Not sure I’d mix and match all of them though :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Yes there is, Green Thai is the foulest thing I have tasted and no matter how you try to mask the foul taste, the awful after taste is still there. I have wondered if it should even be sold as something edible.

:laughing: We all like different things! We have a pretty decent range of flavours now and don’t expect everyone to like every flavour! TGC is one of the most popular ad many here love it too! We’re all a little different and I know you’ll be able to find something you love in the range!

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I love Thai Green Curry and Korma best, Madras next, but wouldn’t dream of mixing them.

Tomato and Herb I’m not so fond of, also Sweet and Sour, so I mixed them successfully with either TGC or Madras to use them up.

Mexican Chilli is a big no no for my oversensitive digestive system. Huge grief for days :open_mouth: :fire:

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That’s funny because those two are my least favourites :nauseated_face:

Whereas tomato and herb and Mexican chilli are both favourites (now overtaken by Mac and cheese). I don’t think I’d mix any of them though, I like them as they are.

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Jumping in here to say yesterday I tried 2 scoops of Mac & Cheeze with a bit of the powder from Tomato & Herb. :eyes:

I believe it was a bad batch that I had and not the actual product.

Amen! For me the same with Mexican Chili and Tomato & Herb! I Can’t wait to taste Mac & Chees :open_mouth: New order from tomorrow, 14 bags incomiiiiiing (divided over almost all flavours but never sweet & Sour)

How was that for you?

Yeah I liked it! I’d actually probably be inclined to add some tomato paste for a stronger tomato flavour.