Thai Green, Strawberries and Cream and Cookies and Cream

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Thai Green

I’ve just tried Thai Green Curry for the first time for my lunch and can I just say I have no idea why it gets so much hate! Tastes exactly like Thai green to me! All I would say it while it was still super hot (temp wise) it didn’t have that much flavour, but with the addition of a pinch of salt (sorry!) and allowing it to cool a little, it’s spot on and definitely a on the “will buy again” list!

Hats off to the H&S flavour scientists once again, you’re yet to disappoint me!

Cookies and Cream

A friend gave me a scoop of cookies and cream to try and I loved it so much I ordered my bag the same day, I think that’s probably enough said, not too sweet (but neither are the biscuits it’s based on) so if you have a sweet tooth you might want to add something to sweeten it. I love it as it is, but am also very tempted to try a blend with salted caramel!

Strawberries and Cream

I had my strawberries and cream for breakfast this morning. Might as well have been drinking a strawberry milkshake / ice cream! Absolutely delicious! Fussy partner is a big fan too so that’s high praise!


I’ll agree on the Cookies and cream and Strawberries and cream, but I’m no fan of the Thai Green.

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S&C and C&C are absolutely delicious! They may have even creeped onto my favourite Huel shakes list!

Out of interest, what is it about the Thai Green you’re not a fan of? And also may seem an obvious answer but do you usually like a real Thai green curry?

Edit: sorry, deleted the original up there because I didn’t think it had counted as a reply for some reason!

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Not really sure, I suppose I’m more a fan of Indian curry and Chilli rather than Thai or Eastern curry style.

I love the TGC…esp with a little MSG.

S&C mixed with C&C is better than either on their own, and C&C with Salted C is a winner too.


I’m sorry you can’t see the truth :face_vomiting: When I first got this flavour I thought it was ok, and then over time I gradually started to hate it. I gave mine to my flat mate who loves it, which makes me question her judgement. I think it’s the only h&s I really can’t stomach.

I do agree with you on strawberries and cream though, that’s like a thick strawberry nesquik!

I’ve had some msg in my amazon basket for ages :joy: you’ve convinced me to bite the bullet!

I didn’t even think of mixing S&C and C&C! Looks like that’s tomorrows breakfast!

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I’m typing this as I’m sitting eating my second TGC lunch in as many days!

Do you usually like Thai Green if say, you made it yourself / had it at a restaurant?

It’s interesting how tastes differ, I’ll be honest I was a little nervous ordering it because of all the negative opinions I’ve seen, but a colleague convinced me and I’m glad I went for it!

I love it if I make it myself yeah! I’m not sure what it is about huel TGC that I dislike so much so I can’t even give constructive feedback, I just hate it. My favourite 3 at the moment are tomato & herb, mac & cheese, and Mexican chilli. Those are all 10/10.

I was a little nervous ordering it because of all the negative opinions I’ve seen, but a colleague convinced me and I’m glad I went for it!

I had this for chocolate flavour! I saw a lot of negativity about it and was so glad I ordered it anyway. That one went the opposite way of TGC for me, I wasn’t keen on it at first, then it was average, then pretty good, and now it’s a firm favourite.

I think there’s a lot of opinions online but it’s difficult to describe flavour using words, so you never really know what you’ll like based on what other people say about it.

Don’t go in too heavy with it, just 1/4 teaspoon. I personally thinks it works well in ALL the savoury H&S - well I’ve not tried it in Sweet and Sour cos I don’t have any - it’s my least favourite and won’t buy again.

I also add a sprinkle of nooch (nutritional yeast/vegan crack) to the pastas, and sometime garlic granules too.

Black and white pepper too - I pepper all of my food - even strawberries - but not tried it on s&c shake.

Nor did I until someone else posted they’d done it - it’s brilliant.

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Heyyy great to hear you’re loving your choices! Out of interest did you use the new ‘Build Your Own Bundle’ function? Or just added a bag of TGC at check out for your Black Edition flavours?

I don’t know what the hate is for TGH, honestly eating one right now and it’s delish. Well it would be more delish, but I had a small bit of Madras leftover so it was like 30:70, wouldn’t recommend tbf.

:laughing: so harsh to offer free stuff and then judge them if they like it! It’s a trap!

Thanks will do! Probably 1/8 for me as I only have one scoop, if I have two I feel like I’m going to burst :joy:. It’s just arrived so will be trying it on my lunch, just need to decide which h&s to have now!

I’m a big fan of pepper too, haven’t had any white pepper in for ages, I could do with getting some, can’t beat it on a lot of things!

I certainly did! So happy we now have the byob option, means we don’t have to commit to a whole order of one type of product to hit the min spend!

Noted, don’t mix TGC with madras :joy: I have the end of a bag of mac and cheeze mixed with the end of a bag of cajun pasta that has been sitting in my cupboard for a little while, I’m not sure why but I’ve just not been fancying the mix, though I really liked it last time I had it!

I agree Thai green is lovely if you drop in some chilli. Tastes just like it. Much better than Mexican Chilli

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I love the Thai green as well. Had some left over prawns and veg so had that in it. Amazing. Personally I think one of the better flavours M&C is too false tasting for me.

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