I'm sure I'm late but Huel Hot and Savory

IS AMAZING! I Really love it! It reminds me of healthy ramen noodles which I love (don’t judge me). I’ve only tasted the tomato so far but I really dig it!


100% It’s amazing. I received my first bag today - 5 minutes later I’d ordered £192 worth of hot and savory. It’s my first week on Huel and I’ve even converted my brother! We love the stuff, we had 8 boxes arrive from DPD today between us!

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It is sooo delicious!! I’m so glad that you also tried it for the first time today.

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We knew you’d love it! Wait until you try the Thai Green Curry, it will blow you away, that’s my fave at least!

When do you see this fitting in with your meal routine?