3 days in and feel great

Cannot believe how quickly it was delivered! Saw an advert on Reddit and decided to give it a go. More than pleasantly surprised.

The convenience is the biggest thing to me as well as knowing that I’m not eating crap. It’s been easy - have had no cravings. No tummy issues as others have had. I am a little tired but I know that I’m not eating enough. It’s filling!
Ordered the powders first - love the vanilla. I tried to Korma savoury meal today and it a big thumbs up from me.

I was slightly worried about the overall monthly cost but worked out that I spent £200 last month on take out and food at work so yes… I can totally afford this.

Thanks Huel. I’m hopeful for the first time in a long time.


Hi Shelley, welcome to the forum. Glad you are enjoying your Huel and great to hear you are having no digestive issues so far :+1:

Hey Shelly :wave: so pleased to read this post. Sounds like you’re off to flying start!

That’s exactly it, a lot of people compare Huel to the cost of a weekly shop where they are preparing all their meals in bulk, from scratch. So glad you can save a little bit of money, as well as eating some super nutritious food too. You are going to feel so good for this :blush: How much are you eating per day? You could always add some additional calories into your Huel if you need to eat a little more, like using some milk.

But it’s great to have you on the team!

Hi Tim,
I only managed 700 kcal per day on Saturday and Sunday so drink it with milk now. I’m sure I’ll adjust soon. So weird to not be reaching for constant snacks all evening.
I have a question- will sugar withdrawals cause insomnia?

Hi Shelly,
Glad to hear it is going well, i am a newbie too. The delivery speed is amazing, so much so that ive started a few days earlier than planned.

So far i am pleasantly suprised by the taste and texture, having read a few not so good comments. I had a black edition banana shake for breakfast, made night before and refridgerated, and h&s green thai for lunch. Both i found really tasty, especially the thai one. I need to lose alot of weight, so planning on 2 shakes and one H&S plus soy milk in tea, alternating with an extra shake some days to zig zag a bit.


Hi again.
How are you finding the Huel so far?
Have you tried the Mexican Chili H&S? It’s amazing.
I am so glad to have made this change. Also, doing the Huel in the blender is great too. I add spinach and cherry juice - very nice.

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I was pleasantly surprised as well re delivery. I bought my stuff yesterday! It’s soon to arrive. I can’t wait. :relaxed:

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