Hot & Savoury - Bland?

I received my Hot & Savory this morning, 2 pouches of Thai Curry, 1 pouch of tomato. I was really looking forward to the Thai Curry so opened it immediately, made sure the contents were thoroughly mixed, and waited eagerly for it to ‘cook’ so I could smash it in my face… then the blandness hit me!

Everyone else is saying how full of flavour it is. Am I the only one struggling with it? I ended up adding a ton of sriracha just to get through it.

I’m so disappointed. I don’t know if I can get through 1 bag, never mind 2, and the thought of the tomato one fills me with dread if this is meant to be the tastiest. For the first time since using Huel, I think I’m going to have to return the unopened pouches. It’s a lot of money to spend to sit on a shelf.

Does anyone else think it lacks flavour?

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Ive only had the tomato and herb as i don’t like spicy foods, but i think its really flavourful.

I’m the opposite, I LOVE spicy food. Maybe that’s the problem. I thought the Thai Green Curry had no flavour whatsoever though, not just a lack of kick. Might be that I find the tomato the complete opposite, but think I’ll end up returning the 2 unopened pouches and re-invest in regular Huel

Interesting! What sort of kick do you think could be added? I’ve not yet ordered my H&S but it’s gonna happen next week and like you I’m a huuuuge fan of spice lol.

I add a Massel 7s veg stock cube to T&H. Makes quite a difference.

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I honestly don’t know. I didn’t think it really tasted of anything, so I’m probably not the best person to ask :rofl:

I REALLY wanted to love it

I added hot sauce to the Thai Green Curry. It got me through it. It’s certainly filling, I’ll give it that!

People have spoken of adding a spoon of marmite…

But I have a cupboard full of spices and fragrances (I do home made gin lol) so I’m deeply pondering this. Will find out on um… Tuesday I guess, assuming I remember to call and change my sub around lol.

I found the TGC very difficult, I didnt finish it and probably wont get through the bag.

T&H is OK, I think I need to play with some added seasoning and might add more water

Sounds interesting. I enjoy the odd G&T with different flavoured gins :grin:

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Haha I’ll send you some of my botanical variants. :gem:

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Sorry you think the TGC is bland, what sort of ‘kick’ are you looking for? If it’s purely spice then adding a bit of your fave hot sauce surely isn’t the end of the world? Like those who add a tsp of instant coffee to their Huel. Making Huel has always been about finding what works for you, different hacks, different ratios, so Hot & Savoury is no different!

I also think that us here are so damn excited that we might have massively raised your expectations! So I’m sorry if that’s the case!

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I like spicy food, and I like Thai flavours and I really think the Huel delivers. I think making it more spicy may put some people off; I think it’s pretty much spot on.

Unless you got a duff bag I guess.

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Agree. Easy enough to add more flavour if it’s not to your liking.

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I totally agree that making anything too spicy would put a lot of people off. You can add spice, can’t remove it. BUT… there was no spice. No flavour even. It does make me wonder if I have a duff bag. I tried it again for lunch, mixed the bag thoroughly… still nothing. So maybe I do have a bad one

It wasn’t just no kick, it didn’t really taste of anything… so as @hunzas said, maybe I’ve been unlucky and got a duff bag

Or you have the “no taste/smell” symptom of the dreaded Coronavirus!


I can still taste and smell, all’s good :joy: :rofl: :joy:

The Thai Green Curry one is quite spicy and several people have said that it is even too spicy, which I do not agree with. I think that the spice is level is about perfect.

If you have to add a ton of sriracha into the Thai Green Curry as you cannot taste anything otherwise then you are definitely the exception that proves the rule.

My GF had some recently with a chicken dinner and said it was great and the flavour profile was perfect.