Hot and Savoury dissapointment

Got to say I had high hopes of this product , but ordered and tried the tomato first , it was quite frankly tasteless and unpalatable. After just trying the plenny pots which to be honest are far superior to the Huel I was very disappointed in huel .

However in my opinion the salted caramel Huel meal replacement shakes are in my opinion the best tasting on the market.

No more hot and savoury for me unless they dramatically improve the product to the level of the plenny pot.

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I do think there is a bit of personal preference here like anything. If you go to the Poll on H&S you will indeed find that people voted the Tomato the lowest of all the flavours and for me too. Whilst I don’t hate it and actually quite like it for me it still is the lowest of the bunch.

I assume you got three bags, did you try any other flavours?

Yes I got three bags , I have not seen the poll on hot and savoury . I will look forward to trying the other flavours , but if they are anything like the tomato no thanks.

H&S Survey Topic

Read this one too

They’re ok but deffo not reordering. Having a shake is what it is, quick and easy. With the sitting and stirring waiting for the hard bits to soften, H&S feels like gruel even though it has taste.

Which three did you get? I wasn’t that keen on tomato and herb or sweet and sour but I use them up by mixing with Thai Green Curry or Madras which works well for me.

The idea is that you pour on the hot water and leave for five mins with the lid on (I leave for 10mins) then stir and taste. The amount of water is adustable according to how thick or thin you want it to be.

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Hi bee,

I got the tomato , the chilli and the madras. It’s not only the taste of the h and s that I find bland the consistency is also bad.

Do you shake the bag before scooping? I find that if you don’t it can get weak.


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Yes I shake the bag before using .


I love hot and savoury but only 4 of them

Madras,Tai green curry,Mexican chilli,tomato and herb

Definitely gonna buy more when I run out

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I read the instructions lol.
I follow them, then had to check if the hard bits are still there, always more than once. I’ve tried less powder and more water, topping up with more hot water, just a pain for an eating experience that for me is sub par. Tomato and green Thai curry.
So now I make myself have one once a week, with just over a bag total left, I’m almost at point of tossing it. I let it sit 20 minutes with a stir mid way, I find some way too hard even after 20 minutes and a tepid goop with hard bits is what remains to eat.

Shake so much easier and tastier for me.

It’s always go down to personal preference. I have H&S most days and tend to have shakes when I go to the gym.

I have H&S once a day virtually every day at the moment (may change when the weather gets better.

I’m not a fan of sweet and sour and herb and tomato, so won’t buy them again, but I rotate the others, with madras, thai and chilli level pegging and korma a little behind.

Whatever floats your boat in the end. My favourites are TGC, Madras and Korma in that order. I tend to stir the contents of the bag with a large spoon before scooping, rather than shake it, as I find it mixes more evenly. Not had a problem so far :crossed_fingers:


Might try this. Now I have moved to containers I haven’t had the right balance, always too watery or too thick.

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I find the blander ones also make good bases for sauces, soups etc when (carefully) blended. I find the T&H on its own very bland so either spice it up with something even as simple as HP sauce, or use it as a soup or pasta sauce base.

The TGC for example makes a nice soup with a little ginger added and served with some coconut cream.


So did I, but my complaint was not about the flavour. I found that the inclusion of whole linseeds meant I could not digest the product. Although all the varieties of Huel are made with linseeds, only the Hot & Savoury have the whole linseeds (and all of those include them, so all are inaccessible to me).

I only bought the one flavour as an ‘add-on’ to my regular subscription of nutrient bars, and Huel refunded my purchase price, so I have no comment about the quality of the other flavours.

I rather liked the tomato flavour, although bland, so if they made a more digestible version I would happily buy more!


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Agreed, I tried three different flavours and found all of them unpalateable no matter what I tried to adjust them, changing amount of water or other toppings etc.

I have to say though Huel support were superb in sorting me out, so I would say do get in touch they are excellent.

For me, i’m sticking to the Black, which I get on with very very well.

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Well I have finally got around to trying the Mexican chilli hot and savoury and I just say it rocks , just what I was looking for and equally as good as Jimmy joys plenny pots , let’s hope the final package is also good then I will be somewhat satisfied with the not and savoury . The tomato and herb in my humble opinion is not good so I will steer well clear of this one in future.

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Here we go!! So pleased you’re loving the mexican chilli, it’s my favourite (I think, although I’ve probably said somewhere else that TGC was my favourite :laughing: so inconsistent! Madras is going up in my rankings right now). As the others said in this thread, it’s just about what you like and what works for you. I must admit I don’t have T&H all that often. More regularly I mix it with Madras (I would recommend this to you if you need to get through the T&H).

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