Tomato & herb H&S, bad batch?

I have been having the tomato and herb since it was released. It was 1 of my favourite flavours. The last 2 bags I bought at the end of February, seem to have changed. The consistency between the tomato and vegetables is different. There is far less tomato and much more of the vegetable pieces. Didnt enjoy it at all. Not at all pleasurable to eat now, which is a real shame. I have ordered another 2 bags. If these 2 are the same, I dont think i’ll be ordering this 1 again

You’re not alone: I’ve just contacted the office with the exact same experience: last two bags I’ve opened have been almost entirely green beans, and a full level scoop (even after a careful and thorough packet shake) weighs 30g rather than the 47g it should (and normally does). Similar experience with recent bags of Thai as well: they’re almost entirely sweetcorn, with almost none of the powder you usually get. Will see what the office say…

I had this problem as well; in comparison to usual there was almost no tomato flavour. I contacted CS though, and they were great. Another bag was sent which I’m glad to say was normal! Funny enough literally just made one (using a scoop from old bag to use, and as much tomato as I can get from the newer bag).

So sorry to hear this, thanks for raising with the team. And @PaulBish so sorry for missing this message too. I’m sure the team resolved this for you and will be keeping a close eye on comments like this.

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