Huel H&S problems

I started using Huel last month. I was really impressed with my experience whilst taking the products. so I decided to order different flavours to try out. Ordered sweet n sour and Korma for the H&S.

The Sweet n Sour is unpalatable and the Korma is bland. I am a bit upset that I’ve now got two pouches to try and get through the next month with :pensive:

Has anyone else had the same experience? Anyone got any suggestions to help eat these products or shall I give up and buy 2 new pouches?

I’ve currently got most of a bag of madras, tomato, and sweet and sour. I find absolutely nothing redeeming about it. Taste is awful, texture is like dog food unless you make it with more water it becomes soupy, and it gives me extreme gas. I’m really disappointed I spent so much on it seeing as most of it is going to waste. I’m definitely not buying more and wish they offered tester packs of it. I’ll stick with Huel black I think.

Hey guys! It’s a shame you’re not getting on with H&S. As with any new product from Huel, it’s always useful to bare in mind that it may take some getting used to.

I certainly found H&S a bit different but after a week or two I began to like it and everything else settled. I tried mixing in steamed vegetables / side dish foods and that helped it for me.

In any case see how it goes, keep trying and experimenting and most importantly - stay open minded :ok_hand:t2:


I don’t mind the TGC, Chilli and Tomato and Herb. I thought the others would be similar and disappointed they arent up the same.

Completely agree with Harry here! We all remember our first Huel Powder meal… it’s a little different to what we’re used to, right?

Equally similar to Huel Powder, feel free to mix up how you make your H&S - adding some form of sauce on top, your own herbs and spices, a bit of cheese etc.

If you really find yourself still not liking H&S, please drop us an email at and one of the Customer Experience team can help you out!


Thank you for the Message.

I said in another message on this forum. I didn’t mind the other flavours of the H&S and how I got on with it. I am writing this whilst drinking Huel Powder Berry flavour, which is refreshing and what I expect from your products.

For some reason, the Sweet and Sour H&S isn’t up to the standard I expected, and the Korma is average. Maybe I got lucky with my first order and got the best flavours?

I will speak to Customer Services and see what they can do.

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Every order me and my misses would order different pouches to try. I can’t say I hate any of them however, there are ones I prefer over others. Now I know which 3/4 I like the most and will order them every month going forward.

Everyone has different tastes, it would be nice if Huel did individual pouches that has 1 meal in so you can try before you buy, same with shakes.


Spoke to Customer Services today and they are sending a pouch in a flavour I like free of charge. :clap:t2: brilliant customer service from Huel!


Hello, As you have lots to use up - as I did as it’s so un-FODMAPS-friendly - mebbe try using half “dose” as a sauce? I fry up some quorn/tofu/protein source of choice while my 1 scoop is fluffing for 10 mins in same amount ie double water. By the time I’ve added a poke of frozen veggies or chopped fresh to the wok the huel sauce is ready and in another 5 mins & it’s good to eat. I add some chopped ginger, soy or other FODMAP happy seasoning too.

I agree. I really like it.

I still can’t believe that Huel misses the marketing opportunity of offering taster pouches of their new products. I spent the first 3 years of Huel purely buying Vanilla. Only after a friend told me to try the flavour boosts that I realised there was a whole world of new flavours to try with their taster pack. Unfortunately I got carried away and thought that pre flavoured Huel would taste identical to the vanilla with that flavour added but I was wrong and left with wasted bags I really didn’t like. Then along comes H&S and I mistakenly bought Sweet and Sour and Korma thinking it would be great since the Thai Green Curry was awesome and again I now have wasted pouches since they are really not to my taste and I have tried mixing with Thai Green to no avail. I now will not try anything new from Huel as its just too expensive to gamble on whether you like the taste or not and when reccomending it I tell people to only get the vanilla powder and taster pack and to not try anything else. How hard is it to do a taster pack of all 6 H & S flavours and sell for a slight premium? I understand the production is not as cost efficient but offer your customers choices and stop creating barriers to entry. Offering the taster flavour powder packs now gets me spending at least £10 a month on them that I would never have risked that before.


Just wanted to chime back in further to my earlier post on this thread.

While I do have three bags of H&S i’m not going to eat as I just don’t like it at all which offering testers could have avoided, I can however see times where testers may not be enough with the H&S where for example someone just has to try different amounts of water to find their right mix (although I did try varying it, that wasn’t my issue with it). Huel did sort me out though and have to say fair play to them. I should bear in mind not all companies are adverse to looking after their customers, they couldn’t have been nicer once I actually got in touch with them!

Sticking to the black edition myself, I really get on with that. Looking forward to trying the new flavour too.