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Hi Guys.

I’m a new Hueligan from Spain that started to enjoy the H&S this January in order to lose weight, it makes easier the KCal count/control during the week, so I use it mainly at dinner, at lunch I like to have a good old-fashion meal, so it also saves me time (I’m the one who cooks in the house) at night. Huel is an awesome product so convinced my wife also to try it, and expand our range to the powders too, so she made an order and created the subscription BUT forgot to include the Mac N Cheeze free bag for subscribing to the newsletter. So, I told her to contact the customer service, but her english isn’t that good so I started a Whatsapp chat with Phil (Didn’t know you have spanish customer service).

Phil made a great job by solving the problem in an instant, but is also a great guy with whom it was a pleasure to talk (a football fan like me). He sent the Mac N Cheeze bag, a t-shirt for me (my wife doesn’t like t-shirts, I took advantage), a shaker for me so we both could make it at the same time and an extra bag of H&S (Chick’n & Mushroom) for us to try.

We were convinced Hueligans before, but if there was a slight doubt, this kind of service would give us the final little push to be convinced. Keep up the great job! :love_you_gesture:t3:

Now, about the product we’ve tried:

  • H&S Green Thai Curry: Awesome, just awesome in flavour and texture. Always in the subscription.
  • H&S Korma: We liked it, but as many have said here is a bit bland, and it requires a lot less water than indicated (In our experience). I’ll order some Madras to spice it up.
  • H&S Chick’n N Mushroom: I love it, I add pieces of chicken and a bit of Parmesano and is great. My wife finds it too bland, and my 5yo. daughter loves it!
  • H&S Mac N Cheeze: Together with GTC a favourite of mine, but there’s a thing about it, when you open the bag and smell the GTC you like it, it brings to your mind a hot curry dish and makes you want to eat it. With MnC that doesn’t happen, I didn’t dislike it but it wasn’t pleasant, not a problem for me. But my wife (who BTW is pregnant) has refused even to try it so far once she has smelled it in the bag. My daughter loves it too, so she’ll wait for her hormones to stabilize to give it a try. But besides that, an awesome product!
  • WE Vanilla v3.0: This is the one I’m struggling with more (flavour), eons ago I’ve used Herbalife and ended up hating it, so I guess it brings me back that memories. Even adding the Peanut Butter FB, I’m not convinced. My wife likes it and has it once a week.
  • WE Salted Caramel v3.0: Love it, great taste, I have it twice a week, my wife once. For sure we’ll repeat it.

The next order will for sure include the Madras and Chili besides the GTC. And perhaps change the powder subscription to try the Berry and Peanut butter. Any recommendations?



Aw thank you so so much for taking the time to write to us and let us know about your great experience and a full review of the flavours! I’ve passed on this lovely message to the team :hugs:

So did you like Mac & Cheeze after you made it? Was it just the smell you didn’t?

I would check out Strawberries & Cream! Really tasty! Unfortunately Peanut Butter Huel is only available in the USA :sob: perhaps one day Europe will get some!

I love Mac N Cheeze! Is just that the smell of the product in the bag isn’t that great like the Green Thai Curry is. And is a shame we don’t get peanut butter! I might get BE instead as I’m eating the shakes after exercises, Strawberry and cream will be!

Thanks for your answer Tim!

One of life’s great mysteries. The fact that theres no peanut butter flavour Huel in the UK.


I am a newbie here, starting my second week of Huel, using the Black Edition shakes for breakfast with a H&S option for lunch and a normal (but smaller portion) of ‘usual’ evening meal.
I decided to comment as I had a similar experience today the original experience post. Using the Live chat on the website I mentioned that I thought that I saw an offer for a Strawberry & Cream product that I didn’t seem to receive (I also didn’t get a t-shirt but I guessed they wouldn’t have my size anyway!). The helpfulness of the Huel employee was way beyond expectancy. Arranged something that meant he is sending me these items along with a bonus something - and also enquiring about how its going etc. I’m one that isn’t shy to tell someone their service needs improving, but I also like to pay compliments (tips) when its deserved.
Well done and thanks so far to Huel.


This is so great to hear, thanks for sharing!! If you want to let me know who helped you out either in this thread or in a private message I’ll be sure to pass this on. :blush:

Yes, absolutely. It’s easy to complain when you’ve received poor service, but it’s also important to acknowledge good and great service.


On this positive note, I’ve recently had great service from Shagana, Per and 15/10 support from Metin who literally helped heat my house! I did the little feedback deely for them but a mention on here may be nice.
Please run customer services courses for Insert several other companies names here :slight_smile:


Hi Cam - it’s was Metin that I was complimenting.


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While we’re here, I had a fantastic CS experience with Maria in Jan

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