Mac and Cheeze change

Sorry if I’ve missed another thread on this, I didn’t see one.

So I received the dreaded email yesterday, stating that my favourite Huel product is being changed. I know it says new and improved flavour, but I don’t want it to be new and improved, it’s delicious. This happened before with Huel original being the only product I bought, then it was just completely taken away and replaced with something that tasted nothing like it.

I don’t mean to sound so negative, but Huel is a large portion of what I consume, so to hear it is changing again is disappointing.

Is it not selling well? If something is not broken, do not try to fix it.



I will give you my take on it:

I tried one bag of Mac & Cheeze and I was repulsed - I finished it by pinching my nose and leaving a few minutes between mouthfuls (hate food waste).

I found a work around by mixing in the (equally unpalatable) Sweet & Sour. The pockets of ‘sweet’ break up the paste-y chemical taste of the cheeze sauce.

I disliked it for all the reasons now listed in the improvements. This excites me enough to try it again - HOWEVER - I was also happy to leave it to the people who enjoyed it just as it was.

(My favourite = korma, just to give a taste-bud profile of preferences)

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That’s the thing. They will never please everyone as taste is so different. Korma is my second to last favourite (sweet and sour comes last). I won’t repurchase either of those, not tomato and herb unless it is reformulated. I like t&h but prefer others

I really like the current Mac and cheese. Its gotta be near the top, but there are some good ones now that I am hard pushed to pick. Carbonara, chickn, mexican and Thai are all great in my opinion.

You guys are right, it is subjective and you cannot please everyone. I haven’t tried all of them; Korma was my second favourite (with the addition of some salt), but Mac and Cheeze is so good, I don’t bother with anything else.

The change is happening, so I just need to keep my fingers crossed.

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We listened to customer feedback on Mac & Cheeze and made improvements to the sauce texture and pasta-to-sauce ratio and updated flavour profile which I really hope you enjoy.

It shouldn’t seem like a totally new product, so no need to be concerned, just an updated version of the meal you know and love but please do let us know what you think when you give it a try!

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Meh, shame its being changed for me.

The current Mac & Cheeze is really nice and remains my favourite of the H&S lineup. I hope the change isn’t too drastic.

This forum goes to show how everyone’s tastes are different. I am new to Huel and didn’t enjoy Mac & Cheese (it’s the cheese part) from my starter pack. I want to try another option but it’s hard to know what to go for, I was thinking Sweet & Sour but that doesn’t appear to be popular!

I’m not a fan of cheesiness either, but adding chilli powder and/or black pepper to Mac & Cheez made a big difference. Haven’t tried Sweet & Sour but Bolognese and Chikn-Mush were both good, still with a bit of added hot spice.

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I’m sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy mac & cheeze, if you wanted to, you could email the customer experience team at to see if there is anything they can do.

The flavour I see most customers universally agree on tends to be the Penne Bolognese, although I might be biased as it’s my favourite of the H&S range

Any news on when the new version will launch?

It was anticipated to be around 23 January. The ingredients haven’t been updated on the website.

I need to reorder soon but thought I’d wait…and then moan when I preferred v1.0

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Whine & Cheeze pity party? :slight_smile:


The new Mac & Cheeze changeover happened yesterday, the 23rd in the UK, EU, and PL stores. We’re still waiting 2-3 days in DE for us to run through the original Mac & Cheeze stock :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t wait to hear what you guys think, eek :cheese:

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WELL… whilst I like the original M&C and didn’t want the ‘more pasta’ update to happen, I was still a bit irritated to have received old stock in my most recent order. Perhaps I misread whatever post or announcement ad I saw but I was under the impression that it was ‘new formulae’ rather than ‘new formulae coming soon’.

I got my order in before 23rd, so that I would get the old stock. When someone gets the new version, I’d be interested to hear your feedback, as it will be a few weeks before I am ordering again.

Brilliant. I will order some right now.

ignore that - for some reason I got to the US site.

New Mac and cheese

Mine arrived today. For a minute I thought it was the old version as still labelled v1.0 even though I thought it was quite a big revision with loads more pasta but a quick check of ingredients show it’s new.

Can definitely see there’s more pasta to sauce powder. And the powder does seem to settle at the bottom of the bag more, so needs a good old shake up. In fact if I’m honest I may not have had enough of the powder in my meal.

I made up one scoop of old and one scoop of new to compare them and the pasta cooks much more quickly so that should go down well with many. Also seemed to be less tomato pieces.

It was definitely less thick sauce wise, which I found disappointing but as I say I may not have mixed it properly.

Taste wise it was less salty and less cheesy than the original but again may be my ratios were out. It’s far easier to compare and contrast the powders and RTDs

So I’d say on first sample, taste wise I don’t prefer it, texture wise I do, although I often make my h&s in a food flask and eat after a while so hopefully it won’t be too soft. To eat straight away as I guess most do it’s a great improvement.

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Thanks for the feedback @hunzas :raised_hands: It sounds like the proportions were perhaps off slightly when trying the new pouch, and perhaps worth decreasing the water amount to get the desired thickness next time you try, but it would be great to hear back after a week or so to hear the full verdict in comparison.

I’ll update when I’ve tried it properly, but won’t be able to do that until next week as I’m now away until Monday evening - so will be Tuesday at earliest. I don’t have any with me (although I do have carbonara and black cinnamon swirl and uu to keep me going til then).

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