Mac and Cheeze

Who is ordering some tomorrow then?


Before I get too excited, is there really honestly and truly mac and cheese tomorrow or is this some kind of sick joke?


Nope it is legit. Vegan Mac and cheese of course. Check back tomorrow. You will be happy.

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Stay tuned guys! We’re rolling out steadily on our EU and UK sites. Will let you know when we’re live :cheese:

I posted this on Facebook yesterday but you might not remember/many of you aren’t on Facebook, but back in January we did a competition on our Facebook and Instagram where we asked you to suggest what the next Hot & Savoury flavour should be.

There was one flavour which was suggested more than ANY other, and we TOTALLY ignored it. Like, when we chose our favourite suggestions we ignored this one flavour, even though over 40 people suggested it.

And that was because we were already working on it. It was literally already in the pipeline!

So you Hueligans better get ready for :cheese: MAC & CHEEZE :cheese:

We were working THE WHOLE TIME on the world’s first nutritionally complete mac and cheese that’s high in protein, packed with vitamins and minerals, vegan and can be made in 5 minutes.

We’re rolling this one out on our UK and EU stores later today, so get ready!


Sounds amazing! Is it Gluten free?

So, not cheese then. Does sound grate though (lol) and I’ll definitely try this - depending on how many bags I have to buy.

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All will be revealed.


Well no pus and antibiotics and baby calves ripped from their mothers, so yeah technically not cheese.


‘Cheese Style’ is the flavouring description :slight_smile:

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Oh no I ordered three h&s bags yesterday…

A bit like doggy style. Doesn’t contain dogs.


It’s here.

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I’m having the worst day at work and this news has made everything better! Ordering immediately.


@Tim_Huel I think “naturally gluten-free” needs to be taken out of the above page, or at least have an * next to it saying excluding mac and cheeze.

Agree, though the Mac & Cheeze does carry a note saying ‘contains gluten’

Och I got excited but then realised it contains onion and garlic.
Oh well…

:cheese: MAC & CHEEZE TIME :cheese:

You’ve waited long enough, our Mac & Cheeze Huel Hot & Savoury is now live on our UK and all EU sites! You can add a single pouch to your next order via the checkout or to your next subscription via the account area!

:tomato: 27 vitamins and minerals
:muscle: 25g of protein per serve
:seedling: High in fibre
:cheese: Creamy, delicious, and yes, vegan

You can check it out on the Hot & Savoury page. Full nutritional information is here (ctrl + f “Mac & Cheeze”).

As you guys have seen, this one isn’t gluten-free, unlike the rest of our Hot & Savoury range, hopefully in the future we will be able to, but we weren’t able to this time.

Any questions, throw them below!

Thanks, website wasn’t fully complete when screenshot was taken, this was added later.


That looks good!

However, I wasn’t a big fan of the other Hot and Savoury meals… and I’m not sure that I want to spend £50 on three bags of the Mac and Cheese variant only to find that I don’t like that either…

Huel could really do with some kind of taster pack deal… a little bit of everything so you don’t have to go all in without knowing what you do and don’t like.



You don’t need to. You can add a single pouch of Mac & Cheeze to your subscription or at checkout with your other Huel order :blush:


I was just wondering what it tastes like. I can’t eat the hot and spicy stuff and was hoping this is better