Introduction - new to Huel

Hi Everyone,

I am in the second week of using Huel and I am pretty much a fan already.

I read a lot of the website, guides and forum, and feel I would like to be part of it.

I had a big order for a start, with white powder chocolate, banana and vanilla, the booster sample pack and H&S 1 of each of the 6 kinds (tested only tomato&herbs, Chili, sweet and sour and thai green curry so far.

I am afraid this is much too spicy for me. I loves spices, all kind of them, even the ones that pull some tears and makes you blow your nose. However, for chili and TGC this happens all meal long and make the experience a tiny bit less pleasant. Especialy chili which I thought would be my favourite.
I saw very few people complaining about that, and I really thought I was spice tolerant so I may adapt over time.

I love the shakes though I may not be a fan of all powder flavours. For now I just want to try everything and there are not enough meals in my day to do so (trying to be reasonable here).

Glad to start this journey,

Bonjour des Alpes françaises.


Welcome to the forum, im glad your enjoying huel (mostly).

In terms of spiciness, you could try add coconut milk or simulars as adding fats will make it less spicy, although they also add a lot of calories. If that’s something you care about.

Hey there :wave: so stoked at the awesome bundle of Huel you got yourself! It’s so funny isn’t it, different people’s spice tolerances, I’ve seen as many people say none of the H&S flavours are spicy enough! What you could do is start mixing half and half with Tomato and Herb or Korma! I’ve done that a little with Madras + Korma, one scoop of each is great and mellows it out.

This enthusiasm is motivating me this morning! Which Powders have you tried yet?

Where do you see Huel fitting in with your daily routine?

Thank you for the idea, it could help indeed. I do mind about the calories but might be worth the try.

Hi Tim, thank you for the input.

I tried T&H + Chili and it’s ok though the big herbs are a bit confusing there. But spicewise, just perfect.

I immediately wanted a huel partner and elected my wife to the task. So I ordered for her (one stock home, one stock at work) another bunch of huel stuff : white powder vanilla, banana, chocolate and mint, and some pouches of boosts along with unspiced H&S (she has zero tolerance for spicy).
She’s not all in as I am, I find I am something like the obsessive kind when I commit to something.

Anyway, so far for powders only :

  • vanilla = the best
  • banana = little deception here, seems artificial and I can taste the sucralose. I mixed it half with vanilla it just becomes perfect almost like the real shakes I made with ripe banana and vanilla ice cream. I love it.
  • chocolate = it’s ok, i don’t really get the chocolate there but maybe my november covid episode is to blame.
  • chocolate and mint = only mint for me, i will try to freeze it as I saw an another post because we don’t like it as is, and already tastes like something out of the freezer.

The boosters are great and open many nice perspectives :slight_smile:

The routine :
At work, 5 days a week:
1 shake for breakfast. Big win here because I used to wander at home wondering what I would eat and cook it and eat it in front of TV and there it is maybe an hour and arrive late at work. Often prepare something for lunch too. Now I just prepare myself, and go to work. More sleep, more productivity. Less worries.
1 H&S for lunch. Now I stay at my office, no need to use a microwave or socialize in the common room. Good in covid times but… not sure I will assume the powder eating with collegues yet. :grimacing:

At home in the evening, I am more inclined to cook, but order takeaway sometimes.

On weekends I mostly cook and have one shake.

I am very enthousiastic about the reduction of grocery shopping, cooking and worrying.

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Mint chocolate didn’t work for me for the same reason. Too much mint, no real chocolate taste. I got through the bag by adding a teaspoon of raw cacao powder each time to make it more of a balanced Mint Chocolate flavour if that helps.

Mint chocolate booster is great value because for the same reasons, you only need to add half a teaspoon to the BE chocolate and it’s just the right “background” notes of minty chocolateness.

I seems a problem a lot of companies have. The “options” hot mint-chocolate is like drinking toothpaste, on its own.

@Talort @Liath
Thank you, I will try these solutions

And excuse my English I can’t even read what I was trying to type

Hi, had my first order delivered today. My question is can I use milk instead of water? Thanks

Yes, many people do it. It makes it more creamy but keep in mind that it affects the macronutrient balance and the calorific content of the shake.

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Hi Everyone,

Just thought I would introduce myself here, as it looks like a great place to get help and support.

I got my first two packs about a week ago, so far so good, have dropped a little bit of weight.

Struggled over the weekend with just having shakes for breakfast and lunch. If I’m honest, I have 200 cals breakfast and 400 lunch, then some kind of normal tea…

What do you guys add to change the flavours, I bought banana and chocolate.

My goals is to drop about 5 kilo’s, just wish I could point to the area on my body to make it go lol.

I’m quite an active person, I teach yoga over zoom currently monday through to friday, I also go to zoom pilates classes 4 times a week. I’m looking forward to the gyms getting back to normal so that I can attend spinning classes.

Anyway, any hints and tips would be fab,

BTW I love my T-shirt… :O)


(aka Chrissie)

Greetings from the newcomer! I found this site by accident when I was looking for answers to some questions. It’s nice to see that there is such an active forum. Didn’t want to create a separate condemnation, so I’ll just wish you luck here!